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Motor Starting Study Software - Reporting &
Result Validation / Alerts

The motor starting and acceleration module offers detailed reporting of motor starting calculation results in Crystal Reports,
one-line view display, and plots.

After motor starting calculations are completed, ETAP checks for any abnormal operating conditions. ETAP will automatically
identify marginal and overstressed devices and generate a summary of alerts based on user-defined alert settings.

ETAP Motor Starting Analysis Software Reporting Using Crystal Reports
Customizable Motor Starting Calculation Output Reports
using Crystal Reports

Motor Starting Analysis Software - Reporting & Result Validation/Alerts Key Features

  • Graphical display of motor starting time-varying simulation results
  • Auto-alert abnormal conditions with marginal or critical levels
  • Graphically display buses with marginal or critical voltage levels
  • Comprehensive motor starting plots with operation details
  • Export one-line diagrams including results to third party CAD systems
  • Export to your favorite word processing program

Automatic Result Validation / Alert

  • Motor start failure
  • Under-voltage for starting motor / MOV
  • Under-voltage buses per bus type & voltage level
  • Overloaded generator & prime mover
  • User-defined marginal & critical alert limits
  • Filter alerts based on area, zone & region classification

ETAP Motor Starting Analysis Software Motor Starting Plots
Flexible Motor Starting Plots: View Results as
Individual or Combined Plots


ETAP Motor Starting Analysis Software & Motor Starting Alerts

Customized Motor Starting Results

  • Include multiple axes
  • Display results for multiple motors simultaneously
  • Zoom to any detail
  • Export plot data to Microsoft® Excel
  • Change text & axes
  • Line, bar, 3-D, & scatter plots