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Load Restoration Software - ILS™


Load Restoration Software - ILS | ETAP

Restart Inhibition Logical Load Sequencer Load Restoration Priority

The Load Restoration application minimizes the duration of an outage following a disturbance by automatically restoring power to the available portions of the system while maintaining fault isolation without exceeding the capacities of alternate power sources and routes.

Restoration qualification feature evaluates the ability to restore loads by monitoring and comparing the following parameters:

  • System frequency
  • Available spinning reserve
  • Starting voltages
  • Operating voltages
  • User-defined logic
  • Alternate source detection
  • System configuration status
  • Interlock & switching sequence logics


Load Restoration Software - ILS | ETAP
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Operator notification and acknowledgement provides the means that allow the dispatcher to restart the loads.

Armed with Switching Management, loads can be restarted step-by-step or in one action.

Where the restarting is determined to be invalid or unsafe, ETAP automatically inhibits the restart and provides the system operator with an indication that the load cannot be started.

Minimize System Maintenance

A key feature of Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS) is the ability to update and customize the load shedding logic without performing any ILS Controller re-programming. Changing load priorities, adding / removing loads from the system, and optimizing logic are some examples of actions that do not require reprogramming of the ILS Controller.