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Load Flow Software - Reporting

Electrical Load Flow Analysis software generates power flow study reports including input data, detailed load flow analysis, and summaries.

Load Flow Calculation Software Key Features

ETAP Load Flow Analysis Software Load Flow Reporting
Automatic Device Evaluation: Automatically generate critical and
marginal alerts for overstressed 3-phase and 1-phase systems

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  • State-of-the-art graphical display of results
  • Customize output reports using Crystal Reports®
  • Generate output reports in any language
  • Voltage drop study, electrical losses, power flow calculations, power factor, etc.
  • Input data, detailed load flows, & summaries
  • Export load flow reports to your favorite word processing program
  • Graphically display device evaluation results
  • Graphically display buses with marginal or critical under / over voltage
  • Export one-line diagrams including results to third party CAD systems
  • Alert view to display critical & marginal limit violations
  • Filtering alert view based on area, zone and/or region classification

        ETAP Load Flow Analysis Software Load Flow Reporting Options
Extensive Reporting: Detailed load flow
analysis reports and indispensable summaries including
branch losses, voltage drop calculations, and loading.

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Load Flow Calculation Software Capabilities

  • Newton-Raphson, Fast Decoupled, & Accelerated Gauss Seidel
  • Generator governors with isochronous or droop mode
  • Generator exciters with AVR or Mvar or PF controllers
  • Transformer load tap changers (LTC / voltage regulators)
  • Advanced solution techniques for fast power flow convergence
  • Multiple loading conditions
  • Multiple generation conditions
  • Swing, voltage regulated, & unregulated power sources
  • Electrical voltage drop calculations & analysis
  • Electrical load forecasting
  • Alert view to display critical & marginal limit violations
  • Bus / transformer / cable overload warning
  • Single-phase load flow display
  • Global & individual bus diversity factors
  • Individual demand factors for continuous, intermittent, & spare operating conditions
  • Option to update the initial condition from load flow solutions
  • Phase-shifting transformer
  • Power factor correction
  • Multi-report load flow result analyzer
  • Unlimited bus capability