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ETAP provides unique and efficient solutions for all segments of transportation. Transportation engineers use ETAP to design and maintain the electrical system for a number of critical mass transit networks such as railways, canals, etc. as well as terminals such as airports and seaports.

In fact, only two automobile manufacturers made it to the Top 5 of the Fortune 500 list and both utilize ETAP for the safe and reliable operation of their production line.

When rail transit was introduced over a century ago, it looked like the transport of the future. It still does. Sprawling cities, crawling highways, and chronic pollution all stress the importance of sustainable rail systems in the years to come. Rail design is very complex and the electrical system uses very high power electrical and electronic devices to serve endless miles of railroad.

We understand the importance of transit system analysis and works with key transportation companies to enhance ETAP with DC modules like DC Load Flow designed specifically for transit system modeling and analysis. ETAP also has a unique Underground Raceway System design tool allowing engineers to design and analyze the thermal integrity of raceways especially for urban subway systems.