Transmission Systems


Across the miles, more utilities trust ETAP for transmission solutions

The wider your transmission network, the more you need ETAP

Transmission utility owners and operators constantly face challenges due to system security concerns, inherent capacity limitations and stricter regulatory policies, while the system demand continues to escalate. They concurrently face economic pressure to further minimize capital expenditures or operational expenditures with improved asset management. The need for robust, comprehensive, practical, and reliable tools to help manage these important transmission assets in real-time has become paramount in daily operations.

Comprehensive network planning tools are required to model the transmission network in complete detail together with protective relaying functions in order to understand the steady state as well as the dynamic response of the system under various operating conditions and configurations. Network simulation tools should have an integrated and common database for all system analyses that can be shared with the model based transmission energy management system.

Operational management of transmission assets like overhead lines, power transformers, protective relaying, FACTS devices, etc. requires holistic monitoring coupled with predictive transmission systems simulation tools. Intelligent and proactive security analysis tools are necessary to prevent system emergencies from occurring. However, should such an emergency arise, it should be able to detect, mitigate and resolve system emergencies via pre-calculated scenarios. Various documented collapses of power grids in Europe and the Americas, have greatly highlighted the need for strong and reliable transmission system validation, monitoring and management tools, as well as effective and comprehensive operator training systems.

ETAP integrated transmission applications were developed for simultaneous offline and real-time use. ETAP can combine your load flow, short circuit, dynamic stability, protection and SCADA models into one common and integrated database. This is the next generation approach as opposed to the current industry practice of trying to couple offline system planning tools with real-time data via external files.

There are a number of advantages by utilizing an integrated tool:

  • Network model can be easily synchronized between the planning and operational tools
  • No need to transfer data using external files and reduced effort to maintain interoperability between multiple databases especially in a multi-vendor environment
  • Improved power system life-cycle management
  • Reduced software maintenance cost by utilizing a single software
  • Reduced effort maintaining multiple databases

User-friendly network topology builder allows you to include a node-branch representation or a bus-breaker representation of your utility power system. Substation templates assist in faster model creation as well as data entry. Built-in conversion tools allow you to easily import existing models from third party databases.

Advanced up-to-date software algorithms combined with detailed dynamic modeling capabilities allow ETAP to solve very large transmission and sub-transmission meshed networks quickly and accurately. Intuitive and user friendly graphical interface with full spectrum power system applications provide a robust and mature platform for security assessment and analysis Transmission Planners and Operators.

ETAP Operator Training Simulator (OTS) is the simplest simulation platform for training of system operators. Using detailed dynamic modeling of the power system, system operators can practice a full spectrum of system events, emergencies and restoration techniques in the most realistic settings.

ETAP is an integrated and interactive program for simulating, analyzing and optimizing power system performance. Our portfolio of software modules include:

  • Transmission Load Flow
  • Balanced or Unbalanced Short Circuit (ANSI & IEC)
  • Optimal Power Flow
  • Dynamic Stability Simulation
  • Voltage Stability Analysis
  • Protective Device Coordination (Overcurrent & Distance)
  • Transmission Line Sag & Tension
  • Transmission Line Derating & Capacity Assessment
  • Transmission Line
  • Impedance Calculation including Mutual Coupling
  • Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) modeling including High-Voltage DC (HVDC) and Static Var Compensator (SVC) models
  • User-Defined Dynamic Model Editor & Compiler
  • Detailed dynamic models of generator exciter, governor, PSS, etc.
  • Detailed models of Photovoltaic Generators, Wind Turbine Generators, etc.

ETAP provides transmission planning and operations engineers with comprehensive tools for the design, simulation and operation of reliable utility networks all in one tool. Transition your planning model into operations using ETAP Real-Time platform. Understand and control your power system operations using ETAP Energy Management System (EMS) through capabilities such as:

  • State Estimation
  • Network Topology Processing (Logical and Geospatial)
  • Real-Time Transmission Load Flow
  • Real-Time Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow (SCOPF)
  • Real-Time Dynamic Stability Assessment
  • Real-Time Contingency Analysis with Screening and Ranking
  • Automatic Generation Control
  • Security Constrained Economic Dispatch
  • Interchange Transaction Scheduling
  • Short-Term Load Forecasting
  • Reserve Generation Management
  • Dynamic Asset Rating for Transmission Lines
  • Common Information Model (CIM) Interface

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