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ETAP electrical engineering software is a solution for all of your power system operation needs. ETAP electrical software, including its short circuit software, arc flash software, duct bank software and load flow software, can be found in more than 3,000 companies worldwide, exposing it to a wide range of industries.

ETAP Real-Time software offers a fully integrated enterprise solution through its energy management system, power monitoring software, intelligent load shedding software, and substation automation function. By using this power management system software, you can maximize the entire production process.

ETAP Smart Grid software eases the operation of your power distribution networks. The smart grid software includes features like state and load estimation, short term load forecast, demand management, and volt/ var optimization in addition to several others.

Our Partners program is a way for ETAP to work with its customers to deliver top of the line electrical engineering software and services geared towards ETAP and ETAP Real-Time. Whether you become an ETAP Solution Provider or System Integrator, you will receive a partnership that delivers industry leading solutions.

ETAP Industry Solutions


ETAP users listed by industry
ETAP Smart Grid Solutions

Smart Grid

Electrical utilities to plan and safely operate your grid
Substation Automation Management System Software - iSub

Substation Automation

Substation Automation Management System Software - iSub™
ETAP Power Management System Solutions

Power Management System

ETAP Real-Time offers a fully integrated enterprise solution
ETAP Energy Management System

Energy Management System

Energy Management System
Software - EMS™
Intelligent Load Shedding

Fast Load Shedding

Intelligent Fast Load Shedding
Software - ILS™