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Wherever exploration and refining takes you, ETAP will be there

ETAP ensures power reliability and manageability wherever it is needed

Oil and gas exploration leads companies to some of the most remote, inhospitable locations on Earth in search of energy. And when they find it – frequently thousands of miles from their nearest utility power – oil companies invest billions in building reliable, safe, and efficient electrical power infrastructure to ensure that the operations function flawlessly, despite harsh climate and weather conditions.

To protect their infrastructure and maintain full operational capacity, top petrochemical firms around the world trust ETAP. They know that the ETAP suite of design and analysis software tools will help them achieve a facility power system design that is ready for the rigors of drilling and refining. And ETAP’s on-line platform, ETAP Real-Time, ensures that power issues that could compromise the integrity of operations are identified long before they can jeopardize the facility.

The oil and gas industries depend on ETAP to protect their electrical systems with minimal downtime and have critical load running at all times. Predictive studies have saved these companies thousands of dollars every day.

From cars to paper products, natural gas to everyday gasoline, process and refining plants are always operational and manufacture
everyday use products. Engineers designing the electrical systems for these plants have to take all precaution to protect the process
and provide a system with minimal downtime and have critical load running at all time. Operation Technology, Inc. has engineers
who have tremendous industrial experience and have restructured ETAP to include ‘first of its kind’ protection and coordination module,
ETAP STAR. We have always been active in providing feedback in industry standards and quick to adopt safety related standards like
Arc Flash Analysis. Predictive studies can save a plant thousands of dollars everyday. ETAP is also a real-time energy management
system with modules like Advanced Monitoring and Predictive Simulation for full spectrum power systems analysis with real-time data.