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Nuclear Utility User Symposium

The ETAP Nuclear Utility User Symposium will be held the day after the ETAP Nuclear Utility User Conference on Friday, June 22, 2012. The ETAP Nuclear Utility Symposium is open to ETAP nuclear licensed users only.

ETAP Nuclear Utility User SymposiumThe purpose of the ETAP Nuclear Utility User Symposium is to provide feedback and suggestions directly to OTI's R&D group to help with the development of detailed specifications for future modules and enhancements. The symposium provides the opportunity to focus on detail requirements and needs specific to power generation plants and the nuclear industry. Many features and capabilities of ETAP have been developed based on direct participation of Nuclear Utility User Group and specifications discussed at previous NUUC symposiums.

Register online for the symposium and/or conference.

ETAP Nuclear Utility User Group Committee



Neil Simmons
Duke Energy
(980) 373-3862

Technical Chairman

Mark D. Bowman
TVA Nuclear
(423) 751-8239

Associate Chairman/Secretary

Paul Colaianni
Duke Energy
(980) 373-3868

All travel and hotel arrangements are the responsibility of the attendees.

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