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The secret to clean, safe nuclear power isn’t a secret anymore

ETAP helps nuclear facilities around the world meet the spiraling demand for power

ETAP Nuclear is used throughout the world by nuclear generation plants, research laboratories, consulting firms, government agencies, and other organizations. Within the United States, ETAP has established itself as the de facto standard for nuclear generation plants: more than 95% of operating plants have standardized on ETAP.

ETAP software meets the rigid standards for quality and safety established by U.S. and international standards bodies for nuclear facilities. Some of the largest firms in the industry – AREVA, Bechtel Power Corp., URS Washington Division, Black & Veatch, Sargent & Lundy, Washington Savannah River Company Westinghouse, and many others – rely on ETAP to ensure the highest possible project quality and manageability.

ETAP has features and modules designed specifically for engineers serving these plants. It provides them unparalleled time saving tools like 3-D Database and Multiple Access Levels for added security. DC Modules like Battery Sizing & Discharge and Control Circuit Diagram provide tools to model details of the electrical system right down to the power drawn by an indicator light on a meter.

At the same time, our ETAP Real-Time platform facilities to protect their electrical systems, using our proven solutions for on-line power management.

Delivering clean, safe power is our customers’ highest priority; using ETAP is helping them achieve their operational goals by ensuring that the power infrastructure supporting their facilities meets their highest performance expectations.