Mission Critical Facilities


When power becomes a life-or-death proposition

When failure isn’t an option, you need ETAP, the most trusted power solution

Some facilities are so vitally important – emergency services, hospitals, communications centers, and transportation networks – that the idea of power problems is unthinkable.

When an entire community is turning to you, ETAP helps make sure you’re ready to respond. Mission-critical facilities around the globe trust ETAP design and analysis tools to make sure that their systems are ready to withstand whatever crisis is thrown at them; these tools enable designers and engineers to conceptualize the power distribution model for mission critical facilities, simulate / test the integrity and security of the system and analyze the results with accurate reports.

Once the facility of operational, ETAP Real-Time is utilized in mission critical facilities for tracking, managing and reducing energy consumption while maintaining maximum availability of vital operations. It stays continually at work, testing power system stability and ensuring that the tools you need to get the job done are as ready as you are.