Low Voltage Systems

ETAP Low Voltage Software
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Low voltage systems safely and reliably distribute power where it is needed, while providing optimal personnel and equipment protection. ETAP provides a comprehensive, integrated design and analysis solution for industries with low voltage requirements, such as buildings, manufacturing facilities, rail and transportation networks, life sciences facilities, and more.

ETAP Low Voltage modules allow power system engineers to easily design and analyze power systems that meet demanding electrical safety criteria as established in applicable standards and codes.

Wiring calculations are integrated with ETAP low voltage system load flow, short circuit calculation and device coordination 3-phase and 1-phase AC and DC network one-line diagrams with unlimited buses and elements including detailed instrumentation. All the grounding / earthing types are included in the modeling of the system, enabling the proper determination of fault-loop impedances and touch voltages needed to assess the electrical safety of low-voltage installations. Emphasis is put on the analytical sizing, in addition to tabular sizing, of protective conductors, as well as of metallic layers of cables employed as protective conductors, to model the standard engineering practice.

Low Voltage Systems Key Features

  • Intelligent One-Line Diagram
    • Multiple voltage level handling
    • 3-phase & 1-phase AC & DC network
    • Automatic system grounding & earthing determination
    • Theme Manager

ETAP Cable Editor
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ETAP Theme Editor
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