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When all else fails, utilities can’t

More utilities trust ETAP than any other platform

ETAP is the leading power system analysis platform for power generation plants of all types and sizes. From basic standby systems to 24/7 mission-critical generation, some of the world's most advanced power generation plants count on ETAP to help provide reliable, clean and cost-effective power to their customers.

There has been a steady increase of generation companies turning to ETAP as a solution to optimizing their electric system to meet their demand for clean and efficient energy. ETAP is being used to help engineers maximize the power output from their plants and lower fuel consumption.

Meeting future electricity demand for clean, efficient energy has never been greater. More and more generation plants are looking for ways of optimizing their electric system to meet this demand. Operation Technology, Inc. recognizes that generation companies have to produce power economically and designed ETAP for engineers looking at maximizing the power output from their plants and lowering fuel consumption.

ETAP EMS provides real-time intelligent optimization recommendations to the operators and assists in efficient operation of co-generation
plants. Renewable energy sources like wind and distributed generation using fuel cells are gaining more importance. ETAP foresaw this
trend and developed extensive Machine Models and Harmonic Analysis to help engineers design these generation parks.