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When your firm’s reputation is on the line, ETAP delivers

More power system experts choose ETAP

According to the Top 40 Electrical Design Firms published in EC&M Magazine, 100% of the Top 10 Electrical Design Firms rely on ETAP for their power system design and analysis needs.

In fact, 80% of these top 10 firms have multiple or corporate licenses for ETAP. With over 3,000 companies world-wide using ETAP, this is just a small portion of the many users who have standardized on ETAP.

Consulting companies serve diverse markets and provide the best possible service to their clients. They demand an equally diverse tool that will help them deliver small to large-scale electric power system design, analysis, and construction projects. It is crucial for them to have a tool, which would provide a slew of sophisticated time saving features, integrated database management, automated and concise reports.

ETAP works with the top design firms worldwide to provide custom Database Conversions, Data Exchange, and Data Synchronization capabilities between ETAP and third party databases.

ETAP provides full spectrum power systems analysis tools and has interfaces with plant life-cycle management tools like e-DPP.
Consulting firms use ETAP to provide their clients with one common database and a complete analysis of their electrical system.
Project Wizard and Scenario Manager provide yet another time saving tool by automating power system analysis.