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ETAP Provides Advanced Power Analysis and Simulation Solution Module for Data Centers

Enterprise class energy management information system that empowers energy managers to apply comprehensive analysis tools to large, diverse facilities

Data Centers & Mission Critical Facilities Create And Optimize Data Centers With ETAP

IT operations are a crucial aspect of most organizational operations. One of the main requirements is ultra-high reliability and availability of the electrical power system that must meet stringent 24/7 operating criteria to maintain continuous functionality and minimize costly unscheduled downtime.

While security and availability come first, energy usage is becoming a focus
when consideringlong-term operations.

ETAP enables designers and engineers to conceptualize the power distribution model for mission critical facilities, simulate / test the integrity and security of the system and analyze the results with accurate reports.

ETAP is utilized in mission critical facility for tracking, managing and reducing energy consumption while maintaining maximum availability of vital operations. Modules such as Underground Raceway System allow you to design and predict the system availability not just for today but also consider the impact of server farm expansion in the future.
ETAP enables green data centers to save energy by optimizing power usage which further minimizes the need
for expensive infrastructure upgrades.

ETAP Device Coordination / Selectivity - Relay Testing brochure
Smart Data Center
Brochure with ETAP
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Data Centers Key Features

  • Green data center optimization
  • Dedicated data center HMI & thin client dashboards
  • Energy management system
  • Power system monitoring & control
  • Environment condition monitoring
  • Safety system monitoring & evaluation
  • Predictive simulation
  • Switching sequence & work order management
  • Protection scheme
  • Load preservation & restoration
  • Redundant fault tolerant software architecture
  • UPS system monitoring & control
  • Full spectrum electrical distribution design & analysis
  • Distributed redundancy & high availability
  • Real-time system reliability assessment
  • Critical infrastructure failure mode & effects analysis
  • Full spectrum AC & DC Analysis