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Ground Grid Design Assessment Software

The next generation Ground Grid Systems module enables engineers to quickly and accurately design and analyze a safe and cost-effective ground protection.


  • Finite Element
  • IEEE 80-1986
  • IEEE 80-2000/2013
  • IEEE 665-1995

Ground Grid Design Assessment Software Key Features

  • Calculate the tolerable Step and Touch potentials
  • Compare potentials against the actual, calculated Step and Touch potentials
  • Optimize the number of conductors with fixed rods based on cost and safety
  • Optimize the number of conductors and rods based on cost and safety
  • Calculate the maximum allowable current for specified conductors
  • Compare allowable currents against fault currents
  • Calculate ground system resistance
  • Calculate ground potential rise
  • User-expandable conductor library
  • Allow a two-layer soil configuration in addition to the surface material
  • Ground grid configurations showing conductor and rod plots
  • Display 3-D/contour Touch, Step and Absolute voltage plots
  • Calculate Absolute, Step and Touch potentials at any point in the configuration
  • Conductor/Rod can be oriented in any possible 3-D direction
  • Handle irregular configurations of any shape
  • Grid rotation animation


ETAP Product Overview brochure - English
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ETAP - Ground Grid
System Module