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Finite Elements

Ground Grid Systems Software
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Advanced 3-D technology integrates with one-line diagrams, enabling engineers to visualize their ground systems and seamlessly utilize short circuit results.

Flexible design methodologies allow for quick auto-designed layouts or very detailed schemes. Color-coded graphical plots provide impressive results.

Finite Element Method

  • 3-D plots for step, touch, & absolute potentials
  • 3-D irregular configurations
  • 3-D ground grid graphical interface views
  • Rods & conductors in any direction with any coordinates
  • Graphical display of over limits (see DataX - CAD Interface)

Ground Grid Systems Plot

Finite Elements Capabilities

  • Handle irregular configurations of any shape
  • Check the allowable current for grid conductors
  • Compare allowable currents against fault currents
  • Compare potentials to tolerable limits
  • Automatically use short circuit results
  • Two-layer soil configuration plus surface material
  • Table of potentials at the earth surface
  • External boundary extensions
  • Variable weight & temperature options
  • User-expandable conductor library
  • Ground grid configurations showing conductor & rod plots
  • Reflection factor (K)
  • Decrement factor (Df)
  • Ground potential rise (GPR)
  • Ground system resistance (Rg)
  • Surface layer derating factor (Cs)
  • Step, touch, & absolute potentials inside & outside grid
  • Application of the field resistivity measurement

Ground Grid Software Plot

Plot Options

  • Grid rotation animation
  • Rotation increment (-15 to 15 degrees)
  • Rotation detail – wire frame / plotting style / full detail
  • Viewing style – color / monochrome
  • Shading style – white / color
  • Font size – small / medium / large
  • Numeric precision – 0, 1, 2, 3 decimals
  • Grid lines – no grid, X and/or Y axes
  • Plotting method – wire frame / surface / surface with
    frame / surface with contouring / pixels
  • Show bounding box while rotating always / never
  • 2-D contour
  • Lines on top / bottom
  • Color on top / bottom


  • 3-D step, touch and absolute voltage plots
  • Color coded contour plots
  • Graphical display of over limit voltages
  • Conductor segments oriented in any 3-D direction
  • Output results in Microsoft Access databases & Crystal Comprehensive Reports