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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Map

GIS Map Software Geographic Information Systems
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ETAP GIS Map automatically generates electrical one-line diagrams with the corresponding
geographical maps of power generation, transmission, and distribution systems.

Electrical system data is synchronized from GIS into ETAP thereby maintaining the relationship between them. You can open unlimited views of GIS maps within ETAP, allowing you to manipulate GIS maps while working in ETAP.

The analysis results are displayed on one-line diagrams and geographical maps providing a
seamless view of the power system within ETAP.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Map Key Features

  • View GIS maps in ETAP
  • Display analysis results on GIS maps
  • Synchronize GIS data to ETAP projects
  • Use graphical user interface for data mapping
  • Control modification & accept/reject actions
  • Check consistency for data synchronization
  • GIS Handling of single-phase systems
  • Utilize GIS map tools

Geographic Information Systems Software
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Map Display

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Map Benefits

  • Reduce data-entry costs by using GIS-updated engineering data for system studies
  • Avoid duplicate/incorrect data entry
  • Full control of analysis results displayed on the GIS map
  • Direct communication with ESRI Geodatabase® & map documents
  • Flexible usage of all ETAP modules for analysis
  • Multi-level graphical display of GIS & ETAP data

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Map Capabilities

  • Synchronize GIS data to ETAP projects
  • Perform add, modify, or delete actions for data synchronization
  • Control modification & accept/reject actions via graphical user interface
  • Map GIS data to ETAP via graphical user interface
  • Display unlimited GIS presentations
  • Use map tools – zoom in, zoom out, full extent, pan, etc.
  • Perform consistency checks during data exchange
  • Substitute missing information with ETAP defaults & library data
  • Enter data in GIS and/or ETAP