eTraX - Rail Traction Systems


eTraX™ – Train Performance Calculator

Train Performance Calculations

  • Determine tractive effort based on train performance
  • Considers track profile such as grade, curvature, speed limits, etc.
  • Considers rolling, acceleration and drag resistance
  • Analyze Train Trip Times
  • Trip Stops and Stopping Pattern
  • Identify power supply inadequacies / pinch points
  • Train power consumption / demand
  • Simulate Rolling Stock retrofits / upgrades
  • Impact of Regenerative Braking

Results & Plots

  • Graphical power flow and voltage drop values throughout the electrical network and OCS
  • Phase and sequence power flows and voltages
  • Display results graphically on the single line and geospatial view
  • Traction power calculation time slider
  • Train animation playback showing calculated values and train position
  • Graphical plots using Plot Manager

eTraX Result & Plot
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eTrax Rail Traction Systems  Brochure
eTraX Rail Traction Systems Brochure
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