eTraX - Rail Traction Systems


eTraX™ – Train Configuration & Time Schedule

Train Configuration & Assignment

  • Define and model train consist and order of rolling stock
  • User-definable train consist including locomotives, passenger, freight or mixed arrangements
  • Quickly assign train schedules to train configurations
  • Integrates with train rolling stock library
  • User-defined acceleration and braking limits

Train Schedule

  • Define unlimited train schedules per route
  • Define different train schedules for weekdays, weekends and holidays
  • Auto create train schedule for a given number of trains per day
  • Import train schedule from MS Excel format for faster data entry
  • Define train arrival times, dwell time or departure times
  • Easily utilize train schedules from 3rd party programs for electrical calculations

eTraX – Train Configuration & Time Schedule
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eTrax Rail Traction Systems  Brochure
eTraX Rail Traction Systems Brochure
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