eTraX - Rail Traction Systems


eTraX™ – eSCADA & Traction Power Management System

Train Performance Calculations

eTraX applications are modular and include intelligent power monitoring, real-time predictive simulation and eSCADA. eTraX provides a state-of-the-art design and management solution for the electrical network life-cycle of the rail traction power system.

  • Utilize common model for design, planning and real-time operations
  • Built-in native SCADA communication protocols
  • Automatic download of waveforms and Sequence of Events files
  • Integrated historian for data and events
  • Integrated alarm and event management
  • Built-in redundancy – Centralized and Distributed
  • Advanced Monitoring with State Estimation
  • Predictive system response based on operator actions
  • Switching sequence allows for switching work order management
  • Event Playback to identify operating condition of the system for ‘root cause and effect’ analysis
  • Introduce real-time signaling information for ‘what-if’ and impact analysis
  • Web-based thin client visualization and customizable HMI graphics

eTraX - eSCADA & Traction Power Management System - DataCenter
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eTraX - eSCADA & Traction Power Management System - Trending
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eTrax Rail Traction Systems  Brochure
eTraX Rail Traction Systems Brochure
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