eTraX - Rail Traction System


eTraX™ – Train Power Simulation

ETAP Train Power Simulation software includes the most accurate, user-friendly and flexible software tools for analyzing, managing, and simulating low and medium voltage train power systems.

eTraX Train Power Simulation is utilized by railway owners, operators and engineering consultants as an integrated railway simulation software to design and management train system. Using advanced geospatial asset information, eTraX allows for the modeling, simulation, prediction and optimization of railway infrastructure.

  • Built-in intelligent graphics
  • Tool for analysis and operation of railways
  • Solve transmission, distribution, traction, and signaling together
  • Evaluate substation location and capacity
  • Improve reliability of electrical traction power system
  • Resolve challenges of unbalanced system operation
  • Model unplanned events and future growth
  • Integrated protection with impedance relays
  • Data exchange with third party applications and templates
  • Mobile data entry
  • Developed under ETAP Quality assurance program
  • Verified & Validated (V&V) against benchmarks

Visualize & Analyze Systems Using Geospatial & Logical Views

Railway simulator
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Train Power Simulation
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eTrax - Train Power Simulation Software webinar


eTrax - Rail Simulation Software  Brochure
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