eTraX - Railway Traction Systems


eTraX™ – Railway Traction Power Software Solution Benefits

eTraX - Railway Traction Power Software Simulation
  • Data Centralization – GIS, Planning, Protection and Operations
  • Traction power overhead catenary system (OCS) design
  • Intelligent one-line diagram and virtual modeling
  • Geospatial Asset Visualization
  • Traction power supply design and equipment ratings
  • Traction power equipment templates
  • Train performance calculation
  • Impact of unplanned events on electrical demand
  • Analyze impact of various rolling stock
  • Root cause analysis for events or failures
  • Utilize a product that is the global standard in the power systems
  • Conceptual design and study to system integration and operation
  • Evaluate substation capacity for existing or planned train operations
  • Determine power flows and voltage drops using multiple timetables
  • Use one software solution for traction power and LV signaling systems
  • Communication with eSCADA for Real-Time Predictive Simulation


eTrax Rail Traction Systems  Brochure
eTraX Rail Traction Systems Brochure
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