eTraX - Rail Traction Systems


eTraX™ – Geospatial Track Modeling

ETAP eTraX Geospatial Track and Route Editor
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  • User-friendly environment for creating and managing the traction power system database
  • Import track and station location from online sources such as OpenStreetMap
  • Geospatial railway network modeling and visualization
  • Fast and simple tools to build a geospatial track layout
  • Generate and maintain a synchronized electrical single-line diagram
  • Utilize or create single-line diagram templates for OCS, TSS, SSP, etc.
  • Built in auto-layout function with multiple choice of spacing
  • Graphical results and train animation on geospatial and electrical views


eTrax Rail Traction Systems  Brochure
eTraX Rail Traction Systems Brochure
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