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ETAP Engineering Consulting Services cover installation and upgrading of real time power management systems, synchronizing GIS databases with ETAP projects, customization of governors and much more. ETAP will create base studies using our short circuit software, load flow software, arc flash software, motor starting simulation program or any other of our modules. Utilize any of our services to get the most out of your power systems software.

ETAP Electrical Software Analytical Services

Analytical Services

Engineering Consulting Services supports clients worldwide with power system projects based
on specific needs
ETAP Electrical Software Real-Time Integration

Real-Time Integration

Installing and upgrading real-time power management systems to monitor, simulate, control, and optimize electric power systems
ETAP Electrical Software Dynamic Modeling & Tuning Services

Dynamic Modeling & Tuning

Customize and tune governors, exciters, or PSS models used in ETAP for simulation accuracy
ETAP Electrical Software GIS Integration

GIS Integration

Engineering Consulting Services specializes in synchronizing GIS databases with ETAP projects
ETAP Electrical Software Data Import / Export Services

Data Import/Export

Easy, cost effective, and time efficient transition from existing third party databases to ETAP
ETAP Electrical Software Research & Development

Research & Development

Engineers and scientists with advanced university degrees specializing in different disciplines of power systems

ETAP Engineering Consulting Services is uniquely qualified to help any major facility, industrial complex, utility or engineering company solve their most demanding and complex engineering problems. ETAP provides consistent high-quality consulting services for transmission, distribution, industrial, commercial, and nuclear markets. ETAP offers specialized engineering services in power systems including analytical services, research and development, conceptual design and preliminary engineering, planning, optimization, dynamic modeling, field-measured parameter tuning, and data exchange services.



ETAP Engineering Consulting Services
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