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Upgrade to ETAP:

It’s never been easier to switch!

ETAP offers conversion tools from legacy power system analysis software that will generate a multi-layered graphical one-line diagram in conjunction with the electrical data. 

Using the built-in conversion tools, you can easily and automatically convert your projects to ETAP. Built-in conversion tools from legacy platforms include:

  • SKM PowerTools® - Dapper® / Captor™ PTW32    
  • ESA EasyPower®
  • Siemens PSS®


Other available conversion programs:

  • DIgSILENT® PowerFactory
  • CYME
  • Neplan®
  • Power Analytics® / EDSA®

Contact us at to find out how easy it is to convert over and get your projects back on track.

Conversion tool features:
  • One-line diagram conversion based on original layout
  • Automatic protective device settings mapping
  • Import of user created TCC curves
  • Support for multiple one-line drawings and MCCs into composite networks