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Reserve Management Software - EMS™

Reserve Management Software

Operating Reserve Analysis Reserve Capacity Monitoring
Predict Operating Reserve Notification of Inadequate Reserve

Reliable operation of an isolated or interconnected power system requires adequate generating capacity to be available at all times while maintaining the scheduled frequency in order to avoid loss of firm loads following system contingencies.

As a part of the Generation Management and Scheduling system, the Reserve Management assists the system operator to continuously monitor dynamic parameters that determine the control area’s minimum reserve requirements.

Reserve Management maintains a constant vigil over required system reserves including “regulating reserve” (spinning reserve immediately responsive to automatic generation control commands), “contingency reserve” (spinning and non-spinning reserve sufficient to reduce Area Control Error to NERC performance requirements within 10 minutes), “additional reserve for interruptible imports” (reserve that can be made effective within 10 minutes), and “additional reserve for on-demand obligations” to other entities or control areas. Notification is issued whenever the available reserve in a class falls below the corresponding required value.

Reserve Management Software - EMS Monitor & Manage Power Reserves | ETAP
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Reserve Management Software - EMS™ Key Features

  • Identify system-wide reserve capacity requirements
  • Monitor & maintain regulating, contingency, interruptible imports, & on-demand reserves
  • Easily replace generating capacity & energy lost due to forced outages
  • Compensate for curtailment of interruptible imports from other areas
  • Ensure reliable system operation