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Economic Dispatch Software - EMS™


Economic Dispatch Software

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Economic Dispatch software (ED) allocates generation changes of a power system among generator units to achieve optimum area economy. Economic Dispatch provides guidelines for optimal electrical system operation in order to meet power requirements, steam requirements, and minimize fuel cost per generator.

As part of the generation management system, Economic Dispatch software utilizes advanced optimal power flow algorithms in order to determine the optimal generation pattern while maintaining adequate reserve margins. Generation levels of individual units are calculated and dispatched in order to meet the load demand at minimal costs. Consideration is given to the fact that the cost of generation is not proportional to the generation level, systems are geographically spread out, and transmission losses are dependent on the generation pattern.

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Economic Dispatch Software - EMS™ Key Features


  • Generation constraints to maintain adequate online reserves
  • Transmission line congestion limits to prevent overloads
  • Incremental heat rate characteristics for each generation unit
  • Detailed nonlinear cost function modeling