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Automatic Generation Control Software - EMS™


Automatic Generation Control Software

Multi-Area Automatic Generation Control Load Frequency Control
NERC Performance Standard Generator Power Sharing (Real & Reactive)

Automatic Generation Control (AGC) calculates the required parameters or changes to optimize the operation of generation units. The automatic generation control software uses real-time data such as frequency, actual generation, tie-line load flows, and plant units’ controller status to provide generation changes. Automatic generation control system also calculates the parameters required for load frequency control and provides the required data on demand to maintain system frequency and power interchanges with neighboring systems at scheduled values.

Automatic Generation Control Software - EMS | ETAP
  • Minimize Area Control Error (ACE)
  • Maintain frequency at the scheduled value
  • Operate system with adequate security & economy
  • Maintain net power interchanges
  • Maintain economical power allocation
  • Share MW and MVAR proportionally amongst various generation units
  • Multiple pre-configured automatic generator control modes

Automatic generation control software is fully integrated with Economic Dispatch and Interchange Scheduling, automatically ensuring that generation adjustments are scheduled in the most economical fashion. As part of a generation management system, automatic generation control software also provides guidelines for optimal electrical system operation to meet power requirements, steam requirements, and minimize fuel cost per generator. This process significantly minimizes the complexities of the decision process.

Automatic Generation Control AGC Software Generation Management System
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