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Intelligent One-Line Diagram

The One-Line Diagram is a user-friendly interface to create and manage the network database used for schematic network visualization. It is designed to interactively model, monitor, and manage electrical networks as well as execute simulation scenarios and analyze their results in a simple and intuitive manner. Other features include multi-level nesting of sub-systems, multi-color symbols, interfaces for management of switching devices, and a unique multi-dimensional database.

An a large set of new features has been added to the intelligent One-Line Diagram propelling day-to-day system modeling and design tasks to a new level of speed, ease, and accuracy more than ever before.

Key Features

  • Auto-Build
  • Datablock
  • Composite Networks
  • Auto range & precision
  • High-resolution graphics
  • Integrated 3-phase & 1-phase
  • Integrated AC, DC, & grounding systems
  • Theme manager with standard, voltage, area and grounding / earthing colors
  • Graphical countering based on results


Auto-Build is an automated and powerful tool for creating and editing the one-line diagram. The rule-based design of Auto-Build can significantly reduce the time spent on creating a one-line diagram.

  • Automated creation of a one-line diagram without leaving the equipment toolbar
  • Quick & intuitive One-Line Diagram generation
  • Automatic spacing & alignment rules
  • No need to drag, drop, locate, and connect

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Add component information, input data, and study results in one block to view on the one-line diagram. Datablocks are also fully customizable allowing them to be shown, hidden, arranged, and formatted according to the user’s preference. An advantage with using Datablocks is showing properties and results from different studies and displaying this information within the same one-line diagram.

  • Customize input data & study results
  • Display results, tags, and/or properties
  • Define templates & share
  • Automatically apply templates
  • Instant preview of Datablock

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Composite Network & Motors

Customizable Views
  • Unlimited connections
  • User-defined location & sizing
  • Visualize properties & results

Auto-Range & Precision

Intelligent Data Formatting
  • Rule-based study-result formats
  • Magnitude dependent precision
  • Share result precision settings
  • Unit detection
    • W ↔ kW ↔ MW
    • var ↔ kvar ↔ Mvar
    • VA ↔ kVA ↔ MVA
    • A ↔ kA

Theme Manager

User-Defined Result Format
  • Display / hide based on:
    • Zoom level
    • Equipment type
    • Equipment state
    • Info annotations
    • Study results
    • Datablocks

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ETAP 14 Tips & Tricks

ETAP 14 is the culmination of extensive engineering research and software development, including the suggestions and contributions of our User Group and individual ETAP users from around the world.

ETAP Auto-Build

Auto-Build is a new powerful feature in the ETAP 14 release that provides rule-based automated designs that enable engineers to significantly reduce the amount of hours spent on creating a one-line diagram.

DataBlock & Theme Manager

Datablock provides smart, customizable templates for convenient graphical presentations of the system information.