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Base Package - Electrical One-Line Diagram


Base Package - One-Line Diagram | ETAP
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The ETAP One-Line Diagram is a user-friendly interface for creating and managing the network database used for schematic network visualization. You can interactively model, monitor, and manage the electrical network as well as execute simulation scenarios and analyze their results in a simple and intuitive manner. This can be accomplished by using features such as the intelligent one-line diagram, multi-level nesting of sub-systems, multi-color symbols, interfaces for management of switching devices, and a unique multidimensional database.

An extensive list of new features has been added to the intelligent one-line diagram propelling day-to-day system modeling and design tasks to a new level of speed, ease, and accuracy more than ever before.

The single-line diagram is the blueprint for electrical system analysis. It is the first step in preparing a critical response plan, allowing you to become thoroughly familiar with the electrical distribution system layout and design in your facility. A typical diagram will include:

  • Incoming lines showing voltage and size
  • Incoming main fuses, cutouts, switches, and main/tie breakers
  • Power transformers (rating, winding connection and grounding means)
  • Feeder breakers and fused switches
  • Relays (function, use and type)
  • Current and / or potential transformers with size, type and ratio
  • Control transformers
  • All main cable and wire runs with their associated isolating switches (size and length of run)
  • All substations, including integral relays and main panels with total load of each feeder and each substation
  • Critical equipment voltage and size (UPS, battery, generator, power distribution, transfer switch, computer room air conditioning)

Whether your plant is new or existing, the single-line diagram becomes your life line of information when updating or responding to an emergency. An accurate diagram ensures optimum system performance and coordination for all future testing and can highlight potential risks before a problem occurs.

Key Features


  • Built-in intelligent graphics
  • Network nesting
  • Integrated 1-phase, 3-phase, & DC systems
  • Integrated AC, DC, & grounding systems
  • Multiple generators & grid connections
  • Display results on one-line diagrams
  • Graphical undo / redo
  • Relay & current transformer mirroring
  • Current transformer polarity
  • User-defined symbol text
  • Voltage propagation
  • Graphical alignment tools
  • Group rotation of elements
  • Customizable font types, styles, & colors
  • Customizable display of ratings & results
  • Graphical display of equipment impedance & grounding
  • Graphical display of overstressed devices & alerts
  • Hide & show protective devices & grounding systems
  • Propagation of nominal & rated voltage
  • Propagation of phase connection
  • Automatic display of energized & de-energized elements using dynamic continuity check
  • Text box editor with dynamic link to properties
  • OLE object & ActiveX control integration
  • Intelligent text box & hyperlink bookmarks
  • Customizable output reports via Crystal Reports®
  • Batch printing with view-dependent printer settings
  • User-friendly plotting
  • Alt + Click & let ETAP Auto-Select do the work for you
  • Create & utilize unlimited one-line templates
  • A large array of keyboard shortcuts which saves time & effort in creating & editing
  • Symbol library to substitute default one-line diagram symbols with an alternative symbol set for individual device types
  • Theme manager with standard, voltage, area and grounding / earthing colors
  • Keyword based element search