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Base Package - 3-D Database

Unique to ETAP is the transformation from a flat database into a multi-dimensional database. This eliminates the need to make hundreds of copies of the database.

Base Package - 3-D Database Multi-Dimensional Database ETAP
  • Unlimited graphical presentations
  • Unlimited status configurations
  • Base & revision data


Key Features


  • Orthogonal multi-dimension database
  • Unlimited independent graphical views
  • Unlimited status configurations
  • Unlimited property revisions
  • Multiple loading & generation conditions
  • Real-time operating data
  • Unlimited study solutions
  • ODBC – MS Access, SQL server
  • Dumpster with unlimited cells: copy & paste
  • User access security with password protection
  • Edited-by & checked-by with date stamping
  • Merge project files via clipboard
  • Lock & unlock element properties
  • 10 States to track equipment conditions
  • Local SQL server connectivity
  • Utilize real-time operating data
  • Collaborate on ETAP projects using Project Merge: License dependent