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Base Package - Cable Sizing Software


Base Package - Cable Sizing Software | ETAP
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As a cable sizing study module, ETAP provides optimal and alternative cable sizes based on the following:

  • Load current
  • Voltage drop
  • Motor minimum starting voltage
  • Short circuit requirements of protective devices
  • Overload requirements of protective devices


Load Current

By using this cable sizing analysis software, load current can be based on the full-load amp of any element on the one-line diagram or as a user-specified value. You can size cables (motor feeders, transformer cables, etc.) instantly based on the cable derated ampacity for any type of installation, e.g. direct banks, trays, conduit in air, etc. More details can be found on our Cable Ampacity page.

Voltage Drop

By using this cable sizing assessment tool, the user can size cables based on cable percent voltage drop calculated from the bus base kV.

Motor Starting Voltage

This cable sizing program calculates the cable sizing based on motor minimum start voltage (percent of motor rated kV).

Short Circuit Current / Protective Device

ETAP’s cable sizing module allows you to calculate the sizing of the cables based on the upstream protective device overload current and overcurrent time of maximum three-phase current.


ETAP cable sizing program calculates the cable size based on harmonic current flowing through the cable. The harmonic content can be chosen based on fixed spectrum from ETAP harmonics library or based on the harmonic content calculated by ETAP harmonics analysis program.

For more details on ETAP’s Cable Sizing Module, please refer to our Cable Sizing page.

With a wide selection of cables from the ETAP comprehensive Cable Library, this cable ampacity calculation assessment is extremely easy to use. In addition, all the cables in the ETAP Cable Library are verified and validated following on our nuclear QA program.

Cable ampacity and sizing are included in the ETAP Electrical Power Systems Software Base Package.