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Base Package - Cable Ampacity Calculation Software

As a cable ampacity analysis application, ETAP Base Package calculates cable ampacity based on the following standards:



  • IEEE - IEEE Standard 399 - 1997 Recommended Practice for Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Analysis
  • ICEA - ICEA P-54-440 - 2001 Ampacities of Cables in Open-Top Cable Tray
  • NEC - NFPA 70 - 2002 National Electrical Code

* British, IEC , and NFC Standards are not included in the Base Package.

The different supported types of installation are as followed:

  • A/G Conduit
  • A/G Trays
  • Air Drop - Suspended
  • Ladder
  • U/G Direct Buried
  • U/G Duct Bank


Key Features


  • IEEE 399 Standard
  • NFPA 70 - National Electric Code
  • ICEA P54 Standard
  • Ampacity / Current Carrying Capacity Calculator
  • Sizing based on ampacity, voltage drop, short circuit, harmonics, & overload protection
  • Maximum or average operating current
  • Grounding conductor selection based on NEC
  • Cable Library with neutral, grounding/ protective earthing (PE) conductor
  • Add auxiliary neutral & PE conductors
  • Optimal & alternative sizes
  • Model Forms: BS & user-definable
  • Reports in Crystal Reports & Excel


cable ampacity sizing - cable library
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For more details on Cable Ampacity Calculation, please refer to our Cable Ampacity page.

The cable system calculations of ETAP cable ampacity calculation software are designed to represent real life scenarios, new designs, and flexible simulating environment for an optimized solution. Based on the Standard provided above, this cable ampacity analysis tool is extremely handy and in a matter of few minutes, the cable ampacity for any kind of installation can be computed.

With a selection from a wide range of cables from the ETAP comprehensive Cable Library, this Cable Ampacity Calculation program is extremely easy to use. In addition, all the cables in the ETAP Cable Library are verified and validated following on our nuclear QA program.

cable ampacity a/g conduit
cable ampacity a/g trays
cable ampacity air drop
cable ampacity architrave
cable ampacity window
cable ampacity brackets
cable ampacity building voids
cable ampacity channel

cable ampacity embedded direct
cable ampacity ladder
cable ampacity masonry
cable ampacity open and clipped direct
cable ampacity trunking
cable ampacity u/g direct buried
cable ampacity u/g duct bank
cable ampacity wire mesh
cable ampacity a/g trays