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Generator Start-up Software

Generator Start-up Analysis Software
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Using full frequency-dependent machine and network models, the Generator Start-Up calculation program analyzes cold-state starting of generators under normal and emergency conditions. The entire generator start-up process is modeled, including automatic control relay simulation and dynamic behaviors of exciters-AVR, governor, turbine /engine, and Power System Stabilizers (PSS). Generator Start-up program can be utilized to simulate detailed dynamic responses of the starting generator, test emergency loads including motors, MOV and others which are connected to the generator before it reaches to the synchronous speed and rated voltage.

Generator Start-up Analysis Program Key Features

  • Start a generator from a cold-state
  • Load a generator until it reaches to synchronous speed
  • Use frequency-dependent machine model
  • Use frequency-dependent network model
  • An expansion to the Transient Stability Analysis Program
  • Utilizes User-Defined Dynamic Models Program

Generator Start-up Analysis Program Capabilities

  • Study quick recovery of power to critical loads
  • Determine optimum loading time
  • Schedule loading sequence
  • Analyze generator & motor starting behaviors
  • Analyze governor & AVR behaviors during starting
  • Simulate diesel generator starting for critical applications such as nuclear generation plants
  • Analyze power recovery to critical loads when power grid connection is lost
  • Start a stand-by generator from cold-state under normal & emergency conditions
  • Simulate motor acceleration & rejection
  • Automatically simulate relay actions during analysis

Generator Start-up Analysis Program Provides Flexible Operations

  • Generator parameter correction due to saturation effect
  • Initial field flashing circuit & switching time
  • Special dynamic turbine actions during start-up
  • Detailed & user-programmable speed-governor system control
  • System switching controlled by relay actions
  • Variety of relay controls (Volt, Hz, V/Hz, dHz/dt)
  • Motor acceleration at under-voltage & under-frequency conditions

Generator Start-up Analysis Program Works with Dynamic Models

  • Exciters
  • Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)
  • Governors
  • Turbines
  • Power System Stabilizers (PSS)