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Dynamics & Transient Stability Software

Dynamics & Transient analysis software enables engineers to simulate sequence of events including power system disturbances and evaluate system stability by utilizing an accurate power system dynamic model. Dynamics & Transient analysis software include modules Transient Stability Analysis Program, Generator Startup Analysis Program, Wind Turbine Generator Analysis Program, User-Defined Dynamic Models (UDM) Program, Parameter Estimation Program, and Electro-Magnetic Transient Program.

Dynamic & Transient Stability Software Key Features

  • Comprehensive synchronous and induction machine models
  • Frequency-dependent machine and network modeling
  • Library of pre-built governor / exciter / PSS / wind turbine models
  • Short-time and long-time simulation
  • Unlimited sequence of events
  • Model typical & common electrical power system disturbances/operations
  • Integrated sser-defined dynamic model
  • Builder & Compiler
  • Induction machine dynamic model parameter estimation
  • Comprehensive variable frequency drive modeling