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Electrical Transient Stability Dynamic Modeling Software


Transient Stability Analysis Software
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Detailed Synchronous Motor Starter Modeling

  • IEEE standard synchronous machine equivalent, transient & subtransient models
  • Synchronous machine round rotor & salient pole models
  • Induction machine single-cage & double-cage dynamic models
  • Special frequency-dependent synchronous machine, induction machine and network models
  • IEEE type exciter-AVR models
  • IEEE type turbine/engine-governor models
  • Manufacturer specific exciter & turbine/governor models
  • Power system stabilizers (PSS) models
  • Motor mechanical load models
  • Machine torsion effect models
  • Simulate unlimited system disturbances & operations
  • 3-phase & L-G faults
  • Segment (fractional) faults for cables & transmission lines
  • Apply and clear faults
  • Operate circuit breakers & switches
  • Generator/load rejection
  • Generator power impact & ramp change
  • Generator & power grid voltage impact & ramp change
  • Governor isochronous/droop switching
  • Reference machine switching


Partial List of ETAP Turbine / Engine-Governor Models:

Below is a partial list of turbine / engine-governor / speed controllers included with ETAP transient stability software.

  • Steam-Turbine (ST)
  • Single-Reheat Steam-Turbine (ST1)
  • Compound Single-Reheat Steam-Turbine (ST2)
  • Compound Double-Reheat Steam-Turbine (ST3)
  • IEEE General Steam-Turbine (STM)
  • Gas-Turbine (GT)
  • Gas-Turbine including Fuel System (GTF)
  • General Purpose (GP)
  • Diesel-Engine (DT)
  • Woodward Steam-Turbine 505
  • Woodward UG-8
  • Woodward Governor 2301
  • GE Heavy Duty Governor - Gas Turbine (GTH)
  • GE Simplified Heavy Duty Governor - Gas Turbine (GTS)
  • Solar Turbine MARS Governor Set
  • Detroit Diesel DDEC Governor Turbine
  • BROSIG Steam Turbine Governor (GHH)
  • Woodward Hydraulic Governor and Turbine (HYDR)
  • IEEE Gas-Turbine (SGT)
  • PowerLogic Governor and Turbine Model A (PL-A)
  • Solar Taurus 60 Solonox Gas Fuel Turbine-Governor (ST60)
  • Solar Taurus 70 Solonox Gas Fuel Turbine-Governor (ST70)
  • Gas-Turbine Governor (GT-2)
  • GAS TURBINE GOVERNOR (non-windup limit) GT3
  • Combustion Turbine CT251
  • GE Mark V and Mark VI Gas Turbine and Controllers (GGOV3)
  • Solar Turbine Governor Model (SGOV1)
  • Westinghouse Turbine Governor Model (WGOV1)

UDM module can be used to graphically build other turbine / engine speed governor models.


Partial List of ETAP Exciter-AVR Models:

Below is a partial list of Exciter-Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) models included with ETAP dynamic stability software.

  • IEEE Type 1
  • IEEE Type 2
  • IEEE Type 3
  • IEEE Type 1S
  • IEEE Type DC1
  • IEEE Type DC2
  • IEEE Type DC3
  • IEEE Type ST1
  • IEEE Type ST2
  • IEEE Type ST3
  • IEEE Type AC1
  • IEEE Type AC2
  • IEEE Type AC3
  • IEEE Type AC4
  • IEEE Type AC5A
  • Basler SR8F & SR125A
  • HPC 840
  • IEEE Type ST1D
  • IEEE Type AC8B
  • IEEE Type AC1A
  • IEEE Type ST4B
  • IEEE Type AC2A
  • IEEE Type AC7B
  • IEEE Type DC4B
  • IEEE Type ST1A
  • IEEE Type ST2A



User-Defined Dynamic Model (UDM) module can be used to graphically build other exciter-AVR models.

Partial List of ETAP PSS Models:

Below is a partial list of Power System Stabilizer (PSS) models included with ETAP transient stability program.

  • IEEE Type 1 PSS (PSS1A)
  • IEEE Type 2 PSS (PSS2A)

UDM can be used to graphically build other power system stabilizer (PSS) models.