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Reliability Assessment Software

Advanced reliability assessment and distribution reliability analysis provides engineers with an efficient and effective tool for estimating the performance of power systems. Using flexible input parameters, results can be quickly obtained for both radial and looped systems. Powerful calculation techniques allow engineers to choose the depth of system design and the associated results.

Reliability Assessment Software Key Features

  • System reliability
  • Customer oriented indices
  • Energy (cost) indices
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Single & double contingency

Reliability Assessment Software Capabilities

  • Model reliability characteristics of each component
  • Implement user-defined parameters & settings
  • Calculate bus and load point reliability indices
  • Calculate system reliability indices
  • Calculate reliability energy (cost) indices
  • Rank element contributions to energy (cost) indices
  • Calculate effect of simultaneous faults
  • Select types of components for plotting
  • Availability & quality of power assessment
  • Long-term planning & redundancy
  • Single & double contingency studies

Customer Oriented Indices

  • System Average Interruption
  • Frequency Index [SAIFI]
  • System Average Interruption
  • Duration Index [SAIDI]
  • Customer Average Interruption
  • Duration Index [CAIDI]
  • Average Service Availability Index [ASAI]
  • Average Service Unavailability Index [ASUI]
  • Sector interruption cost estimates [CDF] (Customer Damage Function)

Energy (Cost) Indices

  • Expected Energy Not Supplied [EENS] sensitivity analysis
  • Expected Interruption Cost [ECOST] sensitivity analysis
  • Element contributions to the EENS & their rankings
  • Element contributions to the ECOST & their rankings
  • Order of most contributing components to EENS & ECOST
  • Interrupted Energy Assessment Rate [IEAR]
  • Interruption cost library
  • Component parameter library

System Reliability Indices

  • Average failure rate [l]
  • Average outage duration [r]
  • Annual outage duration [U]


  • Graphical display of reliability results
  • Load point/bus reliability indices
  • System reliability indices
  • EENS & ECOST sensitivity analysis