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Distribution Systems Software

In addition to Network Analysis capabilities, ETAP offers several powerful analysis modules for Distribution Systems design. ETAP is a Power Distribution software package that supports balanced or unbalanced 3-phase, 2-phase and 1-phase systems for radial, looped or meshed network including per-phase voltage drop and power flow analysis, fault calculations, Protective Device Coordination (ETAP Star) Software, Optimal Capacitor Placement Software, Optimal Load Flow Software, Reliability Assessment Analysis Software, Switching Sequence Management Software, and more.


ETAP Distribution Management Brochure
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Distribution Systems Software Key Features

  • Balanced and unbalanced load flow and voltage drop analysis
  • Protective device coordination including extensive recloser modeling and sequencing
  • Optimal capacitor placement and sizing to minimize losses and improve voltage profile
  • Comprehensive load modeling
  • Advanced reliability assessment and distribution reliability analysis
  • Switching sequence management for load transfer simulations
  • GIS Map interface

To complement the above solutions, ETAP Real-Time provides extremely powerful online tools such as Monitoring, Prediction, Load Forecasting, and more for distribution networks.