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Customize ETAP to fit your needs, from small to large power systems. ETAP's modular structure allows you to purchase only the modules you need.

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Cable Systems
Device Coordination
Control System
  • Moving Train Analysis
Geographic Information Systems
ETAP Real-Time™
ETAP Real-Time is a fully-integrated suite of electrical software applications that provides intelligent power monitoring, energy management, system optimization, advanced automation, and real-time prediction.

Monitoring & Simulation
Web-Based Clients
Intelligent Substation
Energy Management System
Intelligent Load Shedding
Substation Automation System
Real-Time Video Presentations

I would like a representative to contact me regarding pricing for ETAP Real-Time power management solutions.

Base Package
All ETAP packages contain the following features and capabilities:

One-Line Diagram
Cable Ampacity - IEEE / NEC / ICEA
Cable Sizing
Switching Interlock Enforcer
Transmission Line Constants
Engineering Libraries
Project Management Wizards
Configuration Managers
Data Manager
System Elements
Output Report Data Comparator
Additional Features
Bus Level & License Information
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