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Before Installing ETAP
1. You must have administrator rights to your computer. For Windows Vista and Windows 8 operating systems,
     it is recommended to turn off the User Account Control (UAC) and the firewall during the installation.

2. Close all applications.


Download Demo English Edition

English - ETAP 12.6

Download Demo (297MB)

Demo Download Manager Instructions

Demo Installation Guide


演示下载 - 中文版本

中文 - ETAP 12.6

演示下载 (351MB)


デモ版 ダウンロード - 日本語版

日本語 - ETAP 12.6

デモ版 ダウンロード (339MB)

Demo インストールガイド

데모 다운로드 - 한국어 버전

한국의 - ETAP 12.6

데모 다운로드 (330MB)

데모 설치 가이드

Скачать демо - Pусская Bерсия

Pусский - ETAP 12.6

Скачать демо (373MB)

Руководство по Установке Демо

Descargar demo - Versión en Española

Español - ETAP 12.6

Descargar Demo (349MB)

Demo Guía de Instalación

Demo Download- Versão em Português

Português - ETAP 12.6

Demo Download (345MB)

Guia de Instalação do Demo


.NET 3.5 SP1

.NET 3.5 SP1 is required for proper operation of ETAP 12.6 and ETAP 12.6 Demo. (dotnetfx35.exe, 231MG)