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DC Systems Software

DC system modules provide analysis capabilities for engineers to design and maintain DC power systems. ETAP DC System modules include DC Load Flow Analysis Software, DC Short Circuit Analysis Software, DC Arc Flash Analysis Software, Battery Discharge Analysis Software, and Battery Sizing Analysis Software.


ETAP Product Overview brochure - English
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DC Systems Software Key Features

  • IEEE Standard 946
  • Integrated AC & DC systems
  • Newton-Raphson method
  • Voltage drop
  • Power losses
  • Battery auto-activation
  • Charger/UPS current limit
  • Charger/UPS mode auto-switching
  • DC converter modeling
  • Motor model auto-switching

DC Systems Software Standards & Methods

  • IEEE 946 Standard
  • Newton-Raphson Method

DC load flow and DC short circuit software

DC Systems Software Capabilities

  • Evaluate system voltage profiles
  • Batteries auto-activate during reduced voltage conditions
  • Analyze ratings of protective devices
  • Calculate the total fault current
  • Calculate contributions from different sources
  • Calculate decay rate of the fault currents
  • Calculate voltage drops for different system components
  • Customizable battery libraries
  • Automatic alert of overloaded components & abnormal voltages
  • Automatic switching of charger & UPS models based on load conditions
  • Automatic switching of DC motor models based on terminal voltages

DC Components

  • Battery
  • AC-DC converters: charger, inverter, UPS
  • DC-DC converter
  • Cable & impedance
  • Motor, static load, & lumped load
  • Circuit breaker, fuse, & switch
  • Composite network & composite motor

Flexible Operation

  • Interdependent AC & DC calculations
  • Unlimited configurations to model different system conditions
  • Model different loading levels


  • Automatically flag marginal & overstressed devices
  • Export output reports to your favorite word processor
  • Export one-line diagrams with results to third party CAD systems
  • Use Crystal Reports for full color, customizable reports