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Data Exchange - Microsoft Excel

Data Exchange - Microsoft Excel Open Format Excel DataX ETAP

Microsoft Excel & Access Interface

  • Map Excel & Access worksheets to ETAP elements
  • Automatic one-line diagram generation
  • Synchronize data to ETAP projects
  • Perform consistency checks during data exchange
  • Substitute missing information with ETAP defaults & library data
  • Open-Format Excel DataX

Open-Format Excel DataX

  • Import from an Excel spreadsheet with any input data, layout, format, & field names
    - Sync Motor
    - Induction Motor
    - Lumped load
    - Static Load
    - 2-Winding Transformer
    - Cable
    - Bus
  • Intelligent equipment mapping
    - Recognize the type of equipment up front
    - Map equipment as new or existing
  • Customizable equipment mapping
    - Change the default mapping for equipment already mapped
    - Skip importing selective equipment in the user-interface
  • Customizable data mapping
    - Change the equipment data mapping in the mapping table
  • Customizable logic for data dictionary
    - Recognize input data based on the default logic provided in XML file
    - Customized logic to the XML file for more import flexibility
  • Add customized captions & headers to the spreadsheet