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Upgrade to ETAP

It’s never been easier to switch to ETAP.
Or smarter to.

Because of the crucial reliance modern-day organizations have for clean, safe, and dependable electric power, the power systems modeling and analysis platform chosen for your projects is now a strategic decision.

Choosing the right software partner gives you access to the most robust functionality, the broadest range of modules, and access to the engineering expertise you need to ensure the success of your project. It also means you’ll get the peace of mind knowing you’ve bet your operations on a company with the technological leadership, global resources, and financial stability to be there when you need them.

For all of those reasons, more and more power systems engineers are switching to ETAP. Not only is ETAP the most widely-used design and analysis platform in the industry, but we offer more training options and support offerings than anyone else in the business.

ETAP offers conversion tools from other power system analysis software that will automatically generate a multi-layered graphical one-line diagram in conjunction with the electrical data and associated TCC studies. In addition, ETAP offers data exchange interfaces to other programs such as SmartPlant on top of the various import/export capabilities from/to different formats.

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Convert to ETAP from legacy platforms:

  • SKM® Dapper® PTW32
  • SKM® Captor™ PTW32
  • Siemens PSS®E
  • EasyPower®
  • Power Analytics® / EDSA®
  • Neplan®
  • DIgSILENT® PowerFactory
  • CYME

Converting to ETAP from your legacy platform can:

  • Extend the value of the models you’ve already developed
  • Make existing models available for use with ETAP’s industry-leading analysis programs
  • Protect the time and costs invested in past design work
  • Give your engineering team a powerful new platform for projects
  • Evolve from off-line to on-line engineering, using ETAP Real-Time

Data exchange capabilities available as part of the base package:

  • Export to DXF (AutoCAD / MicroStation)
  • Export to Metafile
  • Import from PSSE (RAW, SEQ & DYR files)
  • Import from IEEE format
  • Export Report to MS Excel
  • Export Report to MS Word
  • Export Report to PDF
  • Export Configuration Status
  • Export to COMTRADE Format
  • Export load ticket for induction machines

Data Exchange - DataX Key Features:

  • Import & export data using various formats
  • Data synchronization
  • Automatic one-line diagram generation
  • Intelligent error checking
  • Customizable data mapping
  • Real-time data exchange
  • Multi-user management of project merge

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