ETAP Excel Data Exchange Delivers Essential & Useful Functionality

ETAP 11 has an unmatched ability to export one-line data to Microsoft Excel in a proficient and convenient manner.

Irvine, Calif. – July 2, 2012 — ETAP®, the leading provider of software solutions for the design, optimization, and online operation of mission critical electrical power infrastructure, showcased the added capability of exporting one-line data to Excel in ETAP 11.

“Exporting data to Microsoft® Excel® from panel schedules, result analyzers, and coordination studies has always been an essential and useful function for users creating custom output report deliverables and data management,” said Shervin Shokooh, Chief Operating Officer at ETAP. “In ETAP 11, the ability to export one-line data to Excel was added to create an easy and fast way to manage and globally change information in the one-line diagram.”

Export/Import Excel gives users the ability to use Excel’s tools to make global changes to one line connections and load flow input data. Changing hundreds of element IDs, transformer sizes, and/or load ratings, can be done in seconds using Excel. These changes can instantly be applied to the ETAP model by importing the Excel sheet back into ETAP.

Revised data, as well as new data added directly to the Excel sheet, can be imported to the ETAP model. The addition of Import/Export Excel has changed the way to edit information and provided users a method to make global changes instantly.

With Import/Export Excel users can easily perform periodic consistency checks and add missing information throughout the project. Users may also import from an Excel spreadsheet with any input data, layout, format, & field names for the following elements:

  • Sync Motor
  • Induction Motor
  • Lumped Load
  • Static Load
  • 2-Winding Transformer
  • Cable
  • Bus


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