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Submarine Cables Software

Submarine – subsea - cables have been of major interest in the recent past and are expected to flourish even more within the next decade. As full blown cable systems software, ETAP comprises a vast collection of submarine cables and helps engineers design cable systems for all marine applications such as offshore oil & gas platforms and offshore windfarms. ETAP’s cable systems program allows operation of subsea cables at their maximum potential while providing secure and reliable operation. ETAP provides the following solutions for marine cables:

These calculations allow for a complete and accurate analysis of subsea cable systems. The different marine cable system studies provided by ETAP Cable System modules are designed as a powerful tool to represent real life scenarios, new designs, and flexible simulating environment for an optimized solution.

Submarine Cables Wind Power At Sea Cable Pulling Software

Submarine Cables Key Features


  • Extensive marine cable library for low, medium, and high-voltage applications
  • Calculate pulling tensions at various locations
  • Cable ampacity optimization based on loading demands
  • Automatic cable sizing based on various industry standards

Cable ampacity and sizing are included in the ETAP Electrical Power Systems Software Base Package.