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Cable Pulling Software


Cable Pulling Cable Systems Design
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Accurate prediction of cable pulling tension is essential for the proper design of cable systems. This knowledge makes it possible to avoid under-estimated and/or over conservative design practices to achieve substantial capital savings during construction.

The Cable Pulling study module accounts for multiple cables of different sizes and allows complex 3-D pulling path geometry.

A point-by-point calculation method is performed at every conduit bend and pull point with cable pulling analysis program.

Both the forward and reverse pulling tensions are calculated for determining the preferred direction of cable pulling.

Cable Pulling Software Key Features


Cable Pulling Software Key Features
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  • Integrated with one-line diagram cables
  • Integrated with underground raceways cables
  • Pull multiple cables
  • Allow any pull geometry
  • Full ETAP Cable Library integration
  • Display 3-D pulling path geometry

Cable Pulling Software Capabilities


  • Calculate forward & reverse pulling tensions
  • Calculate pulling tensions at all bend points
  • Calculate the maximum tension limited by sidewall pressures
  • Calculate the maximum allowable pulling tension
  • Calculate the conduit percent fill
  • Calculate the total length of run (pull)
  • Compare the maximum tension limitations against the calculated pulling tensions
  • Evaluate possible conduit jamming
  • Allow segments to have non-zero slopes as well as horizontal bends (non-planer segments)
  • Account for the equivalent tension for cables pulled from reels
  • Provide tolerance for cable weights & outside diameters
  • Provide reduction factors for calculating allowable tension when pulling multiple cables
  • Cradled & triangular cable configurations
  • Summary & alert windows

Cable Pulling Software Reporting


  • Fundamental cable pulling study results
  • Flag cable tensions that exceed limits
  • Flag conduit percent fill limits
  • Flag non-conforming NEC code requirements
  • Graphical display of cable pulling analysis results
  • Report sidewall tension, forward pull, & reverse pull including violation flags
  • Pulling schematic showing segment & bend plots
  • Conduit cross-section showing conduit & cable plots