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Cable Ampacity Software - ICEA Standard


Cable Ampacity Software Cable Ampacity A/G Trays

The ICEA P-54-440 standard applies to cables in aboveground trays. The cable ampacity calculation program derates the cable ampacity based on the parameters listed here below.

Cable Raceway Installations

ETAP is a state-of-the-art ampacity assessment program for aboveground installations.

  • A/G Trays


Tray Configuration Options

As an outstanding cable ampacity calculation software, ETAP provides many options for tray configurations such as:

  • Top Cover
  • Bottom Cover
  • Cumulative Effect - correction factors for combinations fire protection and tray covers

Cable Ampacity Software Cable Ampacity ICEA Standard

Tray Dimensions

The cable ampacity calculation software tool supports the following tray dimensions:

  • Height of the cable tray
  • Width of the cable tray

Cable Layout in Tray

ETAP works as a cable ampacity calculator program and offers different cable layouts.

  • Percent Fill - total amount of cable cross-sectional area
  • Depth of cable mass

Temperature Correction

The cable ampacity assessment program calculates the derated ampacity based on the ambient and conductor temperatures. In addition, the user can either select the base temperature provided by the manufacturer or the operating temperature of the cable.

  • Base Ambient Temperature
  • Base Conductor Temperature
  • Operating Ambient Temperature
  • Operating Conductor Temperature

Cable Ampacity Software ICEA Standard Fire Protection

Cable Fire Protection

This cable ampacity assessment software tool offers a selection of fire protection layers available in the ETAP extensive Library. The cable ampacity calculation module of ETAP provides the following cable fire protection options:

  • Fire Coating
  • Fire Stop
  • Fire Wrap


Alert for Allowable Ampacity

ETAP, as a cable ampacity assessment software, provides alerts to the user when a critical situation occurs such as overloading. A critical situation may deteriorate the cable and tremendously reduce its lifetime. The alerts in ETAP can be based on the options listed below.

  • Based on the calculated Derated Ampacity
  • User-Defined value
  • Based on thermal analysis results of underground raceway systems module

The cable ampacity calculation method based on ICEA P-54-440 applies to cables in aboveground trays using calculated derating factors based on tray size, cable fill, and environment conditions. The actual values of tray depth, width, and % fill entries will be taken into account, which gives more accurate results.

In addition, if both the ambient temperature and conductor temperature differ from those shown in the ICEA standard, the resulting cable ampacity values may be smaller because the standard used the product of both correction factors as the temperature correction. In ETAP cable ampacity calculations, the ambient temperature and conductor temperature values are used directly in the calculation and, therefore, yield more accurate results.