Auto-Build and Short Circuit Analyzer Webinar

by dexter.galindo@etap.com23. June 2015 10:33

Auto-Build is a new powerful feature in the ETAP 14 release that provides rule-based automated designs that enable engineers to significantly reduce the amount of hours spent on creating a one-line diagram.


Short Circuit Analyzer is a time-saving software tool that compares and filters various short circuit analysis reports coming from different scenarios in a single display.

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Intelligent Load Shedding System

by dexter.galindo@etap.com17. February 2015 10:07

This webinar introduces the benefits and need of a fast and intelligent load shedding system. ETAP ILS is a model-driven load shedding system with predictive solutions optimization techniques that improves response time and makes fast, optimum, and reliable load shedding decisions, i.e., instantaneous response to disturbances, loss of generation, unplanned outages, and restoration.


February 18, 2015
9:00 - 10:00 am (PST)
5:00 - 6:00 pm (PST)


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Free Technical Webinar Series: Register Today!

by dexter.galindo@etap.com30. October 2014 09:36

This fall, ETAP will be hosting a series of educational Webinars intended to help users maximize their productivity when performing detailed studies.

Ground Grid System Analysis
This technical session will present a case study on ground grid design using IEEE 80 Standard and Finite Element Method (FEM).  Learn how to take advantage of FEM to design and analyze irregular earthing mat configurations of any shape. Watch the video.

PD SQOP for Short Circuit & Arc Flash Studies
Learn about the features and benefits of using  Sequence-of-Operation (SQOP) to achieve an accurate and realistic Protective Device (PD) operating time under bolted and arcing fault conditions. Watch the video.

ElectroMagnetic Transient Program - EMTP
The webinar will demonstrate the ETAP – EMTP interface as well as the applications of  EMTP anaylsis for switching transient, insulation coordination, lightning surges, sub-synchronous resonance, etc. Watch the video.