Converting to ETAP Has Never Been Easier

by ETAP2. July 2013 13:42

Migrate-to-ETAP Webinar

On June 26th, 2013, ETAP provided a global webinar showcasing the ease of database conversion to ETAP. Some of the companies ETAP supports conversion from include: ESRI® ArcGIS, PSS®E, SKM®, Dapper®, EasyPower®, and Power Analytics™ / EDSA. Over 600 attendees listened in from all over the world during the two informative sessions. The webinar discussed how ETAP 12 has the added capability to provide the user with the benefit of no longer having to spend countless hours trying to manually import One-line diagrams and electrical data. Moreover, there is even the added capability to map protective device settings and import already existing protection and coordination (TCC) curves.

Conversion Features:

  • One-line diagram conversion based on original layout
  • Import of user created coordination (TCC) curves into STAR
  • Automatic protective device settings mapping
  • Support for multiple One-line drawings & MCCs into composite networks
  • Import of RAW data format for files created in various software such as PSS/E & Digsilent


ETAP 161 Free Half-Day Seminar

by ETAP6. May 2013 12:16

The ETAP 161 seminar is a practical half-day session on May 30th in Calgary, Canada. This seminar provides the opportunity to learn about the latest features and capabilities of ETAP power system software for the oil and gas sector. During this seminar an overview of predictive simulation and analysis solutions will be covered to enable petrochemical companies and other oil and gas sectors to protect their electrical systems and minimize downtime. The seminar will also cover ETAP Real-Time: Advanced Monitoring, Predictive Simulation, Event Playback, Energy Management, Fast Load Shedding, and Intelligent Substations that are all part of the complete power management solution from ETAP.

If you are interested in this event please click here.


ETAP Power System Automation Real-Time Workshop

by ETAP27. February 2013 12:14

The ETAP 184 Power System Automation Real-Time Workshop is currently underway at the ETAP Learning Center in Irvine, California. Twenty six customers from around the world – including Aruba, Angola, China, France, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, and the United States – are developing a thorough understanding of the application development and integration process, helping them become proficient in the setup, operation, installation, and maintenance of ETAP Real-Time.

For more information about future events please click here.


ETAP 12 Thinking Power Webinar

by ETAP4. February 2013 12:10

More than 750 current and prospective ETAP users worldwide participated in the ETAP 12 webinars on January 23rd, finding them to be “highly informative and useful,” to quote one prospect. The success of the broadcast can be attributed to the flourishing customer demand for information on new modules and additions found in the latest ETAP 12 release. Even in the brief one-hour session, virtual attendees gained in-depth knowledge on various features including:

  • Interharmonics
  • Open Phase Fault
  • Auto-Connect
  • Switching Device Interlock Enforcer
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Panels
  • Cable Manager
  • Cable System
  • License Borrowing

ETAP prides itself on providing industry-leading user education and instruction to its users worldwide. Current and prospective users are encouraged to attend additional comprehensive ETAP trainings found on our events page or stay tuned for video tutorials on the ETAP Tutorials page.


ETAP Electrical Engineering Community – An Informative And Engaged Professional LinkedIn Group

by ETAP3. October 2012 12:07

Did you know that ETAP has an extraordinarily active LinkedIn group? Since its inception last year this community has grown steadily providing a professional forum for ETAP questions, answers and discussions. The forum is also used for professional information sharing, education, and networking. Pertinent, engaged discussions are its hallmark, with ETAP engineers providing contributions along the way. We invite you to join the ETAP Electrical Engineering Community from LinkedIn to learn, participate, and contribute.



ETAP 2012 Partner Summit Delivers Synergy

by ETAP27. July 2012 12:02

On July 23, 2012, ETAP kicked-off its Annual Partner Summit for its global network of Business, Strategic, and Technology Partners. This interactive Global Summit refines the vision, objectives, and goals for its partner ecosystem, and provides training, support, information sharing, and collaboration venues for the development and execution of successful partnering.

ETAP System Integrators, Solution Providers, Education, and Technology Partners delivered engaging business and technical presentations covering a wide range of topics including; Partner Program, Partnering Success Stories, ETAP product and road map updates, ETAP Real Time, ETAP Product Showcases, Smart Data Centers, Smart Grid and Microgrid Solutions, Intelligent Load Shedding and Real-Time applications.

The agenda included partnership building and teaming opportunities through a number of social events and networking opportunities as well, that was enjoyed by all.


ETAP Canada Ltd. Launched A Successful Free Live National ETAP 101 Event

by ETAP26. April 2012 11:57

On May 23, 2012, ETAP Canada Ltd., an Authorized ETAP Representative, hosted a 4-hour ETAP 101 simulcast, broadcast live from ETAP’s corporate headquarters in California for its Canadian audience.

This first of a kind event from ETAP Canada Ltd. was viewed from PC, Boardrooms, and at six separate Cineplex Theatres located throughout Canada. Participants attending the theater venue networked with peers, enjoyed the presentation in an engaging large screen format, and snacked on complimentary food and beverages.

ETAP 101 Seminars provide an introduction to the Design, Analysis, and Operation of Power Systems. Participants gained a better understanding of how to solve some of the challenges of power systems design and operation, and how ETAP Software simplifies and speeds work. Topics covered included:


ETAP Donates Software Valued at nearly $125,000 to West Virginia University Institute of Technology

by ETAP31. January 2012 11:45

ETAP recently donated an ETAP power-lab software package valued at nearly $125,000 to West Virginia University Institute of Technology. This donation includes a lifetime license allowing up to 20 students to work concurrently on projects, studies, and research. ETAP's giving program promotes the pursuit of academic excellence and the advancement of power systems studies.

“The ETAP software package is one of the leading packages used both nationally and internationally by the well-renowned electrical power systems industries,” explained Dr. Surinder Ram, professor of electrical and computer engineering, who facilitated the donation.

The academic edition of ETAP Enterprise Solution provides educational institutions with access to the latest technology for the design, modeling, simulation and operation of electrical power systems. Blending ETAP into standard power system curriculum gives students an excellent opportunity to learn and apply essential power system concepts utilizing the most sophisticated electrical engineering software package available for offline solutions.

Dr. Stephen Goodman, chair of the department of electrical and computer engineering, said, “We’re grateful for this gift since it allows us to bring more of the latest technology into our classrooms.”