Celebrate National Safety Month & Save 25% on ETAP Protection Package

by Thomas Noack1. June 2016 09:00


ETAP is observing of National Safety Month

Safety Month is observed every June with a focus to reduce injury or death at work. To show our support for the safety month, ETAP is offering a special electrical safety and protection design software package at 25% off. The package includes the following software modules below:

  • Arc Flash - IEEE 1584 & NFPA 70E
  • Short-Circuit ANSI / IEC
  • Short-Circuit Duty Evaluation
  • Star - Protective Device Coordination
  • Protective Device Sequence-of-Operation
  • Star Auto-Evaluation: Auto Protection & Coordination
  • Cable Ampacity & Sizing - IEEE, ICEA, NEC, IEC, BS
  • PE Conductor Sizing
  • Electric Shock Protection
  • Load Flow, Voltage Drop
  • Ground Grid Systems

  • Unlimited Panel & Distribution Boards
  • Unlimited Equipment / Devices
  • AC / DC, 3-phase, 2-phase, 1-phase
  • Auto build for fast system modelling
  • Cable Ampacity & Sizing-IEEE, ICEA, NEC
  • Extensive Verified & Validated Libraries

Invest in Your Power System Safety Today!


Special limited time offer during June 2016




ETAP User Conference 2016 - Only a few weeks away

by Thomas Noack5. April 2016 10:22

ETAP User Conference is just a couple of weeks away, so to help you get started with your travel, here are a few tips:



Before Arriving On-Site


Pack Smart – Late April temperatures in Irvine are in the mid-70℉ (21℃) during the day to high 50℉ (10℃) during the evening. The conference attire is business causal. Light sweaters or jackets are suggested wear for sessions and presentations as sometimes the rooms are cool.

Download the Conference Program – Includes helpful information, maps, presentation abstracts, speaker list and more. You will also receive a printed copy of the program in your conference bag. Download Schedule



When You Arrive 


Getting to the Hotel –  The conference venue is Hotel Irvine 17900 Jamboree Road Irvine, California, USA, 92614   Telephone +1 (866) 396-4201.


Hotel complimentary transportation is available to and from Orange County/John Wayne Airport (SNA) – every 15 and 45 on the hour.  Shuttle is located in the ground transportation area.


Hotel Self-Parking – Discounted self-parking rate at $5.00 per day/overnight.  Follow the signs to self-parking.  The parking is located directly behind the left side of the hotel. Valet parking is also available at prevailing pricing.

Badge Pickup – After checking into the hotel, make your way to the Grand Ballroom to pick up your conference badge, bag and materials. Badge pickup starts Sunday, April 17 at 13:00 PDT.  


Welcome Reception – Join us on Sunday, April 17 at 17:00 PDT for a welcome reception in the Exhibit Hall.

See you in Irvine!



Announcement | User Conference

Opening of ETAP Power Lab at United International University (UIU) in Bangladesh

by Thomas Noack12. December 2015 14:06

A new ETAP Power Lab opened it's doors on Monday,07 December 2015 at the  United International University in Bangladesh. The new lab was inaugurated by the Dean of School of Engineering, Prof. Dr. S.M.Lutful Kabir. 

Students have started to use ETAP Power System Design software in power system and power system protection courses and senior students have started to do undergraduate project work using the ETAP software. Read more...

The ETAP Power Labs program grants qualifying institutions the Academic Edition of the ETAP Enterprise Solution. This program provides educational institutions access to the leading software technology for the design, modeling, simulation, and operation of 


  ETAP for the universities and students it benefits. See a list of all ETAP Power Labs worldwide. electrical power systems. In partnership, by setting aside lab space and blending ETAP into their power system 

curriculum, academic institutions offer their students a unique opportunity to learn and apply essential power system concepts and simulate real-world power system applications and problems. The ETAP Academic Edition represents a substantial commitment on the part of


ETAP University | Power Lab

ETAP Releases Version 14.0

by dexter.galindo@etap.com11. September 2015 11:38

Redesigned to Deliver Unmatched Speed, Intelligence & Reliability

We are pleased to announce the release of ETAP 14 Model-Driven Power System Design & Operation Software. This release is the culmination of extensive engineering research and software development, including the suggestions and contributions of our users from around the world. 

Reduce man-hours from months to minutes with ETAP 14.0 new features & capabilities:

  • 64-bit architecture & local SQL database
  • Auto-Build, Theme Manager & Datablock
  • Automated evaluation for protection & coordination
  • Short Circuit Analyzer
  • Contingency Analysis
  • Updated Arc Flash Standards including NFPA 2015
  • EMTP Interface with EMTP-RV and PSCAD
  • Updated SmartPlant Electrical & New AVEVA Electrical Interfaces
  • Ruled-Based Time-Saving Capabilities
  • Over 1000 Protective Device models

ETAP 14.0 version is available for download from ETAP Help Desk.

ETAP 14 Presentations & Videos

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Get Connected via ETAP Help Desk

by dexter.galindo@etap.com11. September 2015 11:25

ETAP Help Desk is the best channel to get your answers to any question about ETAP power engineering software and download the latest software and libraries.

ETAP Users have access to regional technical support staffed with experienced engineers, proficient in the use of the software providing support in native language during local business hours.

Steps to connect:

  1. Go to support.etap.com
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Enter the required info: 
    - Name & company email
    - Your ETAP Serial #
    -  4-digit access pin

New Support Centers

We have expanded our technical support network with two new locations:  

  • United Kingdom
    serving Europe 
  • Mexico
    serving Mexico & Latin America

Find your local ETAP Support Center

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Convert Legacy Software to ETAP

by dexter.galindo@etap.com11. September 2015 08:23

With ETAP 14 release, we made it even easier than before to automatically convert your projects from legacy power system analysis tools to ETAP. The enhanced built-in conversion tools include:

  • SKM Power*Tools®
  • ESA EasyPower®
  • Siemens PSS/E®

Conversion tools features:
  - One-line diagram conversion
  - Automatic device mapping
  - Import of user created TCC curves
  - Support for multiple one-line drawings into composite networks

Watch how easy it is to convert!

Contact us at DataX@etap.com to find out how easy it is to convert over and get your projects back on track.



ETAP Automation USA Opens New Development Campus

by dexter.galindo@etap.com11. September 2015 08:03

ETAP's Real-Time Division expanded its operation to a newly acquired 24,000 square-feet facility.  The move was prompted by an ever increasing growth of ETAP Real-Time product and services.

The new ETAP Automation campus is located at 5 Oldfield, Irvine, California, only a few blocks away from ETAP's worldwide headquarters.

Read more

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SoCal User Group Meeting - August 2015

by Thomas Noack27. August 2015 09:17

Power Systems Study Specification for Short-Circuit, Arc Flash and Coordination Studies

The user group meeting started at 5:30 PM with snack and beverages and an opportunity to network with fellow SoCal ETAP users, ETAP engineers and a number of ETAP users which were in town for a 5-day ETAP workshop.

The presentation, which started a 7:00 PM, started with identifying the scope and specification requirements that are critical to the success of power system study including short circuit, arc flash and protective device coordination studies. SoCal User Group Meeting

It continued with pointing out that no matter who is performing the studies, the power systems study specification must define the detailed requirements for each type and phase of the study.

In addition, the study specification must spell-out the particulars of how the system data is validated and the type of studies to be conducted. Lastly, the study deliverables should be carefully outlined and completed.

The presentation ended by discussing the essential key aspects that need to be evaluated before a bid can be provided:

  • Data collection requirements
  • Availability of the data
  • System modeling methods
  • Capability of the analysis methods and tools used to perform the studies
  • Compliance with standards & guidelines
  • Study deliverables & report details


At the end of the evening each attendee received flash drive with a complimentary copy of a sample power system study specification.

Please check our web site or our social media messages about the topics and dates for our next ETAP SoCal User Group Meeting.


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Don't Miss the ETAP 14 Tour 2015

by farrah.zaman@etap.com26. August 2015 10:10

Delivering Unmatched Speed, Intelligence & Reliability

 We are touring the global and hosting regional ETAP 101 technical seminars on the latest technology and practices for the design, analysis, and operation of electrical power systems using the new ETAP 14 release.

 ETAP 14 Model-Driven Power System Design & Operation Software offers powerful new and enhanced feature such as result analyzers, sizing, and automated modeling and intelligent system evaluation tools to reduce engineering time, enforce standards, ensure design integrity, and optimize system operation.  ETAP 14 takes advantage of new 64-bit architecture, graphical foundations & numerous productivity tools to deliver unmatched speed, intelligence and reliability and reduce man-hours from months to only minutes.

  • 64-bit architecture and local SQL database
  • Auto-Build, Theme Manager & Datablock
  • Automated evaluation for protection & coordination
  • Short Circuit Analyzer
  • Contingency Analysis
  • Updated Arc Flash Standards including NFPA 2015
  • EMTP Interface with EMTP-RV and PSCAD
  • Updated SmartPlant Electrical & New AVEVA Electrical Interfaces
  • Data Conversion from Legacy Software
    SKM PowerTools®, ESA EasyPower®, Siemens PSS/E® and more.
  • Ruled-Based Time-Saving Capabilities
  • Over 1000 Protective Device models

  The events are free and registration is required.

101 Tour Schedule


SEPT 7    New Delhi, India                                   SEPT 8    London, UK

SEPT 9    Mumbai, India                                      SEPT 10  Istanbul, Turkey

SEPT 11  Chennai, India                                     SEPT 15  Dubai, UAE

SEPT 17  Rome, Italy                                          SEPT 28  Boston, US          

OCT 5     HCMC, Vietnam                                   OCT 19   Mexico


Sign up today at ETAP Events

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ETAP Keyboard Shortcuts

by Thomas Noack27. July 2015 11:49

ETAP, like many other software packages, comes with a set of keyboard shortcuts to streamline and speed your work. Many of the standard Windows can be used with ETAP. There a few special shortcut, the Auto Select options we like to point out as true time saver. We implemented an intelligent and proactive auto select feature that is time saving and intuitive. Use the Alt button and the Left Mouse Click together to select multiple elements in an instant.

Alt + Left Mouse Click on a bus 

If a bus is selected and the ALT key is pressed, then ETAP will automatically select all the loads connected to the bus. All protective devices connected to those loads will be selected. If there are branches connected to the bus, the branch components within a bounding box will be selected as well. In the below example, the text box shows the bounding box for a low voltage bus. There is a breaker and transformer T3 that fall within the bounding box, hence they will be selected. Note: The bounding box is configured to be the same distance around the element as the element ID's adjustable radius.


Alt + Left Mouse Click on a load

When the ALT key is pressed and a load is selected, ETAP will automatically select all devices connected to the load up to the bus.




Alt + Left Mouse Click on a load PD

The Auto select function can also be used on any load protective device. All elements in a straight line with the protective device will be highlighted when Alt + left mouse click is used on the protective device. The picture below shows the Auto Select function used when the devices are not in a straight line. ETAP highlighted the breaker and the contactor after Alt + Click was used on the breaker. This gives the user the ability to quickly select those two elements and drag them in line with the overload heater, cable and motor.




Alt + Left Mouse Click on a branch or branch PD

If the ALT key is pressed and a branch is selected, then ETAP will automatically select all the components connected to the branch in a straight line between the “from bus” and “to bus” of the branch. If the elements are not in a straight line, ETAP will stop the auto select function at the last inline element as done with the load pd shown above. Note: Using the Auto Select function on a branch pd will perform the same results as using the Auto Select function on a branch.





Try these shortcuts next time you open ETAP!

A complete list of keyboard shortcuts can be fund in ETAP by clicking on HELP, then HELP Search, scroll to Chapter 52 and open the Keyboard Shortcut section