ETAP Southern California User Group talked about "How to Apply IEEE1584.1-2013 Arc Flash analysis using ETAP software"

by Thomas Noack11. June 2014 11:17

At the last ETAP Southern California User Group meeting on June 3, Albert Marroquin and Steve Chagolla kicked off the metting with a presentation on “How to Apply IEEE1584.1-2013 using  ETAP”. The presentation focused on how to interpret the information provided in the “Guide for the specification of Scope and Deliverables Requirements for an Arc-Flash Hazard Calculation Study in Accordance with IEEE Std 1584™”. 

Practical examples of analysis of simple and complex power systems were included in the presentation along with the options in the ETAP software which allow the formulation all the analysis scenarios suggested in the guide to find the worst-case results. 

In depth explanation, of how to consider items such as “Main PD Isolation” or “Device Duty Evaluation prior to Arc-Flash Analysis” was provided. 

The attendees benefitted by obtaining background information provided by the speaker on the formation of the guideline contents and gained deep understanding about the physical interpretation of the recommendations. 

The presentation also covered arc flash study deliverables and learned how to easily generate reports 

and label formats from the arc flash result analyzer tool in ETAP. Some label templates which are  acceptable based on the latest revisions of NFPA 70E-2012 and the upcoming NFPA70E-2015 were provided.  



About the Presenters

Speaker: Albert Marroquin, BScEE, PE, VP of Validation & Verification & Senior Principal Electrical Engineer at ETAP. He is an IEEE 1584 member with over 13 years experience in arc-flash analysis and software design. Albert Marroquin is a registered professional engineer in the state of California. He is also the main designer and product manager for ETAP’s AC and DC Arc Flash products as well as a working group member of IEEE 1584, IEEE1814 and an active attendee of NFPA 70E seminars and meetings.

Co-Author: Steven Chagolla obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and is currently working on his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University, Los Angeles. He currently works in the power system dynamics division of ETAP with experience in power system analysis including short-circuit, coordination and arc flash. He is also an active participant in ETAP workshops, IEEE electrical safety workshops and NFPA 70E training events.

ETAP 12.6 Multi-Language Edition Shipping Now

by Reviewer27. May 2014 13:39

ETAP 12.6 is the latest upgrade to the ETAP 12 series and includes important updates based on the industry’s latest demands. Among the many enhancements of this release is the addition of double Open-Phase Faults Analysis (OPFA) to the Unbalance Load Flow module. The addition of this feature is in response to the requ
irements for the nuclear power industry to conduct single- and double- open-phase fault studies which improves plant safety and reliability.

ETAP 12.6 is offered in two new languages: Portuguese and Korean versions are joining English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and German versions.

New Enhancements & Features:

  • Unbalanced Load Flow Module

  • Single & Double Open-Phase Fault Analysis

  • New Display Options for the One-Line Diagram

  • Updated Exciter & Governor Models

  • Enhancements to Network Analysis Modules

  • Engineering & Protective Device Libraries

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Compatibility

  • Multi-Language Edition

For more information visit ETAP 12.6 Release 

Creating My ETAP Accounts Are Now Easier Than Ever

by ETAP10. March 2014 16:36

Creating My ETAP Accounts Are Now Easier Than Ever

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My ETAP is just one more example of our commitment to being the most responsive software provider in the industry when it comes to serving our customers’ needs.

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ETAP Grid – Integrated Smart Grid Solutions

by ETAP19. February 2014 11:12

ETAP Powering Success

The upcoming release of ETAP Grid offers a fully integrated foundation of cutting-edge geospatial views with the most advanced analytical engines for the design, simulation, planning, operation, optimization, control, and automation of electrical power system networks.

The benefit of these advanced GIS capabilities is that utilities and corporations with distributed facilities can not only model the power system from a one-line “logical” standpoint, but also gain a detailed understanding of how it relates to real-world topography.

ETAP Grid as part of the Smart Grid Solution provides the necessary mission critical applications for visualizing, managing, optimizing and automating distribution networks from state-wide to city-wide power distribution networks as well as microgrid applications for industrial and commercial facilities.

Learn more about ETAP Grid for transmission, distribution, and microgrid by visiting


ETAP Grid Showcased at Distributech 2014

by ETAP6. February 2014 13:18

ETAP Grid Showcased at Distributech 2014

This year’s Distributech Conference and Exhibition was held in San Antonio, Texas and hosted over 4000 attendees. ETAP was proud to showcase the latest version of ETAP Grid, for transmission, distribution, and microgrid users. During the conference ETAP held four different technology sessions covering: Distribution Power System Planning & Analysis using ETAP Transmission & Distribution; ETAP Real-Time Distribution Management System; and Microgrid: Managing Distributed Energy Resources. Each session was well-received by attendees and highlighted the benefits of an integrated tool like ETAP which can cover all areas from design, simulation, operation, control, generation, transmission, through distribution.

Click here for more information on ETAP Grid.