ETAP 12.6 Multi-Language Edition Shipping Now

by Reviewer27. May 2014 13:39

ETAP 12.6 is the latest upgrade to the ETAP 12 series and includes important updates based on the industry’s latest demands. Among the many enhancements of this release is the addition of double Open-Phase Faults Analysis (OPFA) to the Unbalance Load Flow module. The addition of this feature is in response to the requ
irements for the nuclear power industry to conduct single- and double- open-phase fault studies which improves plant safety and reliability.

ETAP 12.6 is offered in two new languages: Portuguese and Korean versions are joining English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and German versions.

New Enhancements & Features:

  • Unbalanced Load Flow Module

  • Single & Double Open-Phase Fault Analysis

  • New Display Options for the One-Line Diagram

  • Updated Exciter & Governor Models

  • Enhancements to Network Analysis Modules

  • Engineering & Protective Device Libraries

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Compatibility

  • Multi-Language Edition

For more information visit ETAP 12.6 Release 

Creating My ETAP Accounts Are Now Easier Than Ever

by ETAP10. March 2014 16:36

Creating My ETAP Accounts Are Now Easier Than Ever

Are you part of the growing ETAP community? If so, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having your own My ETAP account, your own personalized profile on Not only will you be the first to receive ETAP news, webinars, video tutorials, promotional items, and special offers, but you’ll enjoy incredible convenience and security when you visit our site.

Creating a My ETAP account is now easier than ever:

  • Visit, and click on any of our web forms
  • Complete the brief registration, and create a Password
  • Select “Submit,” and then check your email account for your My ETAP Credentials

When you use your My ETAP account to register for trainings, seminars, download versions of software, or any other purpose, all of your ETAP-related transactions are automatically stored for your future reference. In addition, since all of your account and company contact information is stored securely in your password-protected profile, all forms will be conveniently pre-loaded for you.

My ETAP is just one more example of our commitment to being the most responsive software provider in the industry when it comes to serving our customers’ needs.

If you would like to create a My ETAP account immediately, please click here.


ETAP Grid – Integrated Smart Grid Solutions

by ETAP19. February 2014 11:12

ETAP Powering Success

The upcoming release of ETAP Grid offers a fully integrated foundation of cutting-edge geospatial views with the most advanced analytical engines for the design, simulation, planning, operation, optimization, control, and automation of electrical power system networks.

The benefit of these advanced GIS capabilities is that utilities and corporations with distributed facilities can not only model the power system from a one-line “logical” standpoint, but also gain a detailed understanding of how it relates to real-world topography.

ETAP Grid as part of the Smart Grid Solution provides the necessary mission critical applications for visualizing, managing, optimizing and automating distribution networks from state-wide to city-wide power distribution networks as well as microgrid applications for industrial and commercial facilities.

Learn more about ETAP Grid for transmission, distribution, and microgrid by visiting


ETAP Grid Showcased at Distributech 2014

by ETAP6. February 2014 13:18

ETAP Grid Showcased at Distributech 2014

This year’s Distributech Conference and Exhibition was held in San Antonio, Texas and hosted over 4000 attendees. ETAP was proud to showcase the latest version of ETAP Grid, for transmission, distribution, and microgrid users. During the conference ETAP held four different technology sessions covering: Distribution Power System Planning & Analysis using ETAP Transmission & Distribution; ETAP Real-Time Distribution Management System; and Microgrid: Managing Distributed Energy Resources. Each session was well-received by attendees and highlighted the benefits of an integrated tool like ETAP which can cover all areas from design, simulation, operation, control, generation, transmission, through distribution.

Click here for more information on ETAP Grid.


ETAP Celebrates their 20th Anniversary in Korea

by ETAP14. January 2014 14:55

ETAP Celebrates their 20th Anniversary in Korea

Seoul Data System Co. Ltd, which is the authorized dealer of ETAP in Korea, has reached an important milestone; distributing ETAP power system analysis software since 1994. ETAP is thankful to have had users and customers in Korea who have made it possible to reach this historic milestone. Many power-related enterprises, public and educational institutions, and laboratories in Korea rely on ETAP on a daily basis. As a result of this dependency, Seoul Data System has prepared many initiatives in 2014 which include:

  • The 10th Annual User Group Meeting in Korea
  • Training and seminars to educate local electrical engineers
  • Continuing to build and train the ETAP team to better support Korea

For more information on ETAP’s 20th anniversary in Korea please visit: