Students at Buffalo State University Show Satisfaction with ETAP

by ETAP23. December 2013 13:09

Students at Buffalo State University Show Satisfaction with ETAP

ETAP was recently used for many projects in the Power Center for Utility Exploration at Buffalo State University. Students calculated short circuit currents at different buses by hand (pu method & flat start) and then ran simulations using Power World and ETAP.

The majority of students chose ETAP due to its user-friendly interface which was reported easy for them to master. They quickly learned (on their own) how to input data and adjusted them to match parameters from the assignment as they were different from the default values in ETAP. The students stated that they appreciated the comprehensive reporting capabilities that ETAP provided them.

To learn more about ETAP’s Educational Partners and Power Lab program please click here.


2014 ETAP 101 Seminars

by ETAP13. December 2013 10:55

2014 ETAP 101 Seminars

ETAP is offering a whole new line-up of ETAP 101 Seminars for 2014. The ETAP 101 seminar is a practical, day-long session for electrical engineers interested in learning about the newest generation of tools for the analysis, design, operations, optimization, automation and control of power systems. Each seminar will be taught by professional ETAP instructors, and will cover timely topics facing members of the power engineering profession, including:

Power Systems Design & Analysis

  • AC & DC System Modeling
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Electrical Data Conversion from Legacy Platforms
  • DataX - Import/Export Capabilities
  • Project Management & Merge
  • Renewable Energy - PV Array (Solar) & Wind Turbine Generators
  • Power Quality - Harmonic Analysis
  • Protective Device Coordination/Selectivity & Sequence-of-Operation
  • Electrical Safety Arc Flash Evaluation
  • Cable Sizing & Shock Protection - NEC, IEEE, IEC, BS
  • Low Voltage Systems

Real-Time, Model-Based Power Management

  • Distributed Electrical SCADA Technology
  • Smart Grid & Microgrid Technologies
  • Predictive Simulation, Optimization & Control
  • Intelligent & Fast Load Shedding
  • Web-Based Clients

T&D, Smart Grid, Microgrid

  • Transmission System Analysis
  • Distribution Network Applications
  • Geographic Information System
  • Distribution Management System

To register, electrical engineers can visit the “Events” section on and select the seminar of their choice.


ETAP 12.5 Webinars Now Available

by ETAP25. November 2013 13:14

DPET Before & After

Did you miss any of the ETAP 12.5 Webinars?

You can now view both webinars and learn all the new features and capabilities that ETAP has to offer in its latest release. This webinar series was designed for power system engineers who need robust, high-quality tools to ensure the reliability, safety, and energy-efficiency of their finished projects.

Please use the following links to view both the ETAP Offline and Real-Time™ Webinars:

For a free trial version of ETAP please click here.


ETAP Releases 2013 Customer Survey Results

by ETAP13. November 2013 10:30

ETAP Releases 2013Customer Survey Results

ETAP regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys as part of its internal Quality Assurance efforts, as well as to comply with requirements from standards bodies like the International Standards Organization (ISO). In a survey conducted among ETAP’s 10,000-organization customer base, the leading five highlights of the ETAP Customer Satisfaction Survey results included:

  • 99% of users are satisfied with the quality of ETAP’s software products
  • 99% were satisfied with post-purchase training and support during the first 90 days of use
  • 98% will continue to rely on ETAP for their future projects
  • 97% would recommend ETAP to colleagues
  • 94% say ETAP met or exceeded their project needs

For more information regarding ETAP’s Quality Assurance program please visit:


ETAP 12.5 New Features & Capabilities Webinars

by ETAP29. October 2013 15:47

ETAP 12.5

ETAP 12.5 is our most powerful new version to date, and is brimming with hundreds of new, user-driven features. Our upcoming Webinar series tailored for prospective ETAP users will offer valuable information on this important new release.

Please join us for these important Webinars designed for those with limited knowledge of ETAP solutions: